Auntie D Discusses: Authority, Intuition, and the Dopamine Rush

I spend more time than I should on Twitter. For someone who grew up with no neighbors, no internet, and no cable TV, the rush of social media is just a miracle. If you'd told 13-year-old (or 18-year-old or 25-year-old) me I'd be able to communicate almost instantaneously with people around the world, that I'd … Continue reading Auntie D Discusses: Authority, Intuition, and the Dopamine Rush

Everyday Mysticism: It’s “Deity,” not “Daddy.”

When Kat and I were brainstorming ideas for this week's column, she suggested "Spirituality and Fear." At first, I was kind of put off by the idea. Having grown up in a religion that uses fear as its number one motivator, I try to stay positive with my spirituality. After discussing the idea with her, … Continue reading Everyday Mysticism: It’s “Deity,” not “Daddy.”

Everyday Mysticism: Who’s Ya Guru?

In our Western culture, most of us have been raised to seek out authority figures, especially in the areas of spirituality. We turn to priests, preachers, religious figures, and spiritual teachers hoping to make sense of this crazy life we're all living. Tell a typical Westerner that they're on their own, spiritually, and you will … Continue reading Everyday Mysticism: Who’s Ya Guru?