Intuition Reboot for Tarot Readers

As we work towards expanding and improving our reading skills, there's one phrase that rears its head over and over again--use your intuition. Wanna relax and allow the interpretations to flow without overanalyzing? Use your intuition. Wanna open yourself to insights and understanding beyond the scope of your own limited experience? Use your intuition! That's … Continue reading Intuition Reboot for Tarot Readers

Tarot Readers’ Crisis of Faith

Eventually, every card reader goes through a phase where the readings just don't seem to work the way we want them to. For reasons that range from mental exhaustion to Mercury in retrograde, there are a hundred different things that can disrupt the communication between the reader and the cards. As we get more experienced … Continue reading Tarot Readers’ Crisis of Faith

Using the Book: Training Wheels, Reference, or What?

As readers, we all feel a certain pressure to be "off-book," as they say in the theater. Especially when reading for others, nothing kills self-confidence like having to pause and say, "Hold on while I check the book!" Other People's Wisdom Besides wanting to look cool and confident, there are other reasons you as an … Continue reading Using the Book: Training Wheels, Reference, or What?