A full tandem reading  (tarot and oracle cards) on the topic (s) of your choice. Includes one 10-min phone follow up to check in on how you’re progressing (optional).

  • 30 min: $60
  • 60 min: $80

Add-ons (Must be purchased at the time of primary reading)

  • Recording of Reading: $5
  • Transcript of Reading: $10
  • Follow up reading on the same topic: $40 for 30 minutes (scheduled within 30 days of initial reading.


Kat and Deb give short, 3-card readings for your guests. A great ice-breaker. You provide a table and chairs in a semi-private setting, and we provide the entertainment.

  • 1st hr: $150
  • 2nd hr: $125
  • 3rd hr: $100

Astrological offerings

Are you fire, wind, water, or air? This unique natal chart focuses on your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can use the natural elements to improve your life.

  • Elemental Birth Chart: $30 includes hard copy and Word file.


Need a little magical help to get through your blocks? Kat can design a spell for your unique needs. Whether you cast it yourself or let Kat cast it, expect amazing results as you manifest your dreaams.

  • If you cast: $20
  • If I cast: $50 + material costs