Everyday Mysticism: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

December. Holidays. It's that time, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, or Fill In Your Generic Mid-Winter Celebration Here. No matter how hard you try, it's almost impossible to avoid the holiday crazies--be it increased traffic, higher stress, or online drama about coffee cups and pleasantries. On the Holiday Lunacy Scale, I fall somewhere … Continue reading Everyday Mysticism: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

Everyday Mysticism: EXTRA: No Spirit is an Island

I don't normally do this, but I wanted to expand on this week's "Everyday Mysticism" post. Because I am influenced by Buddhist philosophy, a calm, steady mind is my ideal. Since I struggle with anxiety and depression, maintaining a certain degree of stability and calmness is a necessity. Your mileage may vary. Psychology Today lists 5 states … Continue reading Everyday Mysticism: EXTRA: No Spirit is an Island

Everyday Mysticism: No Spirit is an Island

A few weeks ago, Kat and I were playing Mindball at the Arizona Science Center. Our friend Dr. Jim was in town for a visit, and the three of us were running around like kids enjoying the interactive exhibits. Mindball is a game controlled by brain waves, and players compete to control a ball's movement … Continue reading Everyday Mysticism: No Spirit is an Island

Weekly Reading: 11/27/2017

When they say "patience is a virtue" this week, they're probably looking at you. It's frustrating when situations get gridlocked, or worse, deadlocked between two opposing desires. If you're being pulled in two opposing directions, neither appealing, it's time to break out the heavy-duty patience and let the situation sit for a while. We all … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 11/27/2017

Everyday Mysticism: In Defense of Tenderness

  My spiritual journey has been a long and winding path, filled with wrong turns, retreads, and missteps. I went from a very naïve girl who fiercely wanted to believe her Catholic faith to an embittered agnostic who didn't dare believe anything, all before my 20th birthday. I spent my 20s mired in agnosticism, lost … Continue reading Everyday Mysticism: In Defense of Tenderness

Weekly Reading: 11/13/2017

Is it possible that you have been fighting so long--strategizing, planning, dodging bullets--that you have forgotten how to recognize happiness when you see it? If the battle raging in your mind and thoughts blinds you to the joy and love that surrounds you every day, life must be a tragedy indeed. Yes, we are living … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 11/13/2017

Everyday Mysticism: It’s “Deity,” not “Daddy.”

When Kat and I were brainstorming ideas for this week's column, she suggested "Spirituality and Fear." At first, I was kind of put off by the idea. Having grown up in a religion that uses fear as its number one motivator, I try to stay positive with my spirituality. After discussing the idea with her, … Continue reading Everyday Mysticism: It’s “Deity,” not “Daddy.”

Weekly Reading: 11/06/2017

We have within us all the tools we need to create positive change in the world. There are times when this is obvious--our words are golden, our touch is magical, and all the pieces fall into place effortlessly. When the times come where our words falter, our touch is clumsy, and the puzzle pieces seem … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 11/06/2017

Everyday Mysticism: Chop Wood, Carry Water

  There is a Zen saying that I love: "Before Enlightenment, chop wood carry water. After Enlightenment, chop wood carry water." This simple koan keeps popping up in my life, usually when I start getting on my own case about not being good enough or spiritual enough. There is a temptation--to which I am not immune--to … Continue reading Everyday Mysticism: Chop Wood, Carry Water