Meet the Two Ladies

Kat Gordon and Deb Baudoin are a married couple who have been reading cards for each other for almost twenty years. Due to a lack of space and a love of eating out, they began doing their monthly readings in various restaurants while living in Kentucky. Quickly, they found an eager audience of servers, cooks and bussers asking for readings.  In order to save time, they started doing simultaneous readings, Deb with the tarot and Kat with oracle cards. They found that, instead of contradicting each other, their readings reinforced an over-arching theme. With practice, they evolved their style of tandem tarot readings into an in-depth, efficient form of divination.

Kat has been reading cards since she was thirteen and received a hand-me-down Rider-Waite deck from her mom. (Mom bought the deck, then freaked out when her readings started coming true.) She found her true voice as a reader much later when she bought her first deck of oracle cards.  A trained life coach, Kathryn brings both wisdom and pragmatism to her readings. She uses multiple decks as well as a form of bibliomancy in her readings. Her readings usually involve equal parts good advice, deep insight, and practical wisdom.

Deb got her first deck in 1993 and is still using it (right down to the worn silk cloth and neon print card bag). A natural empath and spiritual seeker, she’s traveled a long, winding road of discovery to reach the place where she feels comfortable reading for others. With over twenty years of tarot experience, her intuitive readings offer “big picture” insights and spiritual revelations, as well as a touch of big sisterly prodding and gentle humor.

When they’re not reading tarot, Kat and Deb love music, drag shows, video games, science fiction, movies, and exploring central Arizona.

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