Hey, Kid – Wanna Get A Reading?

Do you ever wish you could get a bird’s eye view of your life – where you are, where you’re going, and what influences are affecting your path?  A sort of spiritual GPS system?

At Two Ladies Tarot, that is just what we seek to do with our tandem tarot readings.  Two readers with a combined 40+ years of reading experience work together to give you a well-rounded look at the elements affecting you today and tomorrow. Each reader has a different deck and different point of view, allowing  you to move toward the destination you truly desire (while avoiding the pitfalls that could hold you back.).

With a tandem tarot reading, you get both a tarot and an oracle reading (with a touch of bibliomancy thrown in for good measure) in one.  Our readings combine practical and spiritual advice, as well as guidance for improving those areas of your life that you wish to heal.

And much like a good GPS system, we can help you plot the best course to your desired destination.

We are available for in-person readings throughout the Phoenix metro area, as well as for private functions and Skype readings.

Two Ladies Tarot – We may not tell you what you want to hear, but we’ll always tell you what you need to know.