How does Tarot work?

One of the most commonly asked questions about tarot cards is, “How do they work?” The tarot is a series of 78 cards (22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana) which represent a series of symbols and ideas. The imagery on the cards triggers intuition in the reader. Based on the meaning of the individual cards and their placement in the spread, these cards allow the reader to gain insight into the client’s question.

What is a Tandem reading?

A tandem reading is specific to Two Ladies Tarot. The client asks their question, but they get a double reading! Tarot from Deb, and Oracle from Kat. The combination of reading styles and perspective offers a more comprehensive insight. You still pay the same price, but you get two experienced readers.

Why Tandem readings? Why not just do it like other tarot readers?

First of all, Kat and Deb love reading together. It’s just so much more fun than reading alone. Secondly, tandem readings offer a unique, 360-degree perspective from two very different readers. The readings are more comprehensive, with each reading sparking insight off the other until the whole far exceeds the sum of the two.

How did you start reading?

The Two Ladies each found their own path to the cards. Kat got her first deck at 13 when her mother, having read her own cards accurately, got freaked out and gave them to her. Deb started a bit later in life, with medicine cards and animal cards, eventually settling into the beloved Enchanted Tarot deck she’s had for over 20 years. You can learn more about Kat and Deb here.

Shortly after getting together in 2001, Kat and Deb began reading for each other in restaurants. Curious servers, bus people, and customers would wander by and ask for readings. The Two Ladies found that not only were they able to offer more accurate readings together, but that reading together was just a whole lot of fun.

Why Two Ladies Tarot?

Kat and Deb go everywhere together. And while folks might not remember their names, they did remember them and the tarot cards! Eventually, people began referring to them as “the two tarot ladies.” When naming the business, the obvious choice just had to be Two Ladies Tarot.

How much do you charge?

Two Ladies Tarot offers a variety of pricing options, including add-ons and other types of services. A complete service and pricing list can be found here.

Where do you read?

The Two Ladies started reading in restaurants and still love to read in restaurants. If you are in the metro Phoenix area, they will meet you at the public location of your choice. If you’re not in the Valley of the Sun, they can do readings online, by email, or over the phone. A complete service and pricing list can be found here.

Why don’t you have a store?

The Two Ladies love the energy of public venues – it really adds an element of fun to the readings. It also makes it easier for a client to slide in a reading as they will come to where you are. Also, by not having a brick and mortar store, they are able to keep prices lower for customers.

Why should I hire you?

Sometimes issues come up where you just need an outside perspective to gain clarity. When you pay for a reading from the Two Ladies, you get over 60 years of experience in tarot and oracle card readings, as well as a trained life coach (Kat) and astrologer (Deb). Every reading includes an option ten-minute phone call to follow up on your progress!

What makes you different from other readers?

We are all about helping our customers to empower themselves in all aspects of their lives. We think our combination of tarot, oracle readings, and life coaching is the perfect mixture of esoteric and practical wisdom. As far as we know, no one else is doing what we do, and certainly not as affordably. We extend our commitment to our clients past the end of the reading by offering a free ten-minute phone check in one week after the reading, just to make sure they’re still on track. We also offer discounted follow-up readings on the same subject

Isn’t Tarot Evil/Devil Worship?

While some religions on the far right see tarot and other forms of divination as evil and against the will of their god, there is no inherent evil in reading the tarot. Stemming from a Biblical line that says, Do not practice divination or seek omens,” it’s easy to see why highly religious people would skeptical of the tarot. The modern understanding of tarot as a tool for self-development doesn’t really align with the occult fortune-telling of Biblical times. As with any other tool, the tarot cards are neutral, a means of prompting the reader’s own intuitive insight.