• Two Ladies Tarot’s primary mission is to allow our clients to empower themselves by offering them knowledge via the cards, whether by performing a reading directly or teaching our clients how to read for themselves. As such, we will offer you knowledge, but will not tell you what to do with that knowledge. It will always be up to you to make your own choices and choose your own path.
  • We believe that it is unethical to do a reading for someone who is not present to give consent; it would be a little like wire-tapping someone without their knowledge.
  • We will always give you an honest reading, speaking directly from the cards. We will never just tell you what you want to hear… you have friends to do that for you for free.
  • While we do believe that the cards can be predictive, we also believe that life is ever-shifting and that something akin to the observer effect can take place simply be receiving a reading. When you know what is going to happen, it is fully possible for you to take steps to change directions. Honestly, if this was not the case we would see no point in charging. After all, if you can’t avoid the obstacles in your path – or find a better direction in which to shift – what good would a reading do?
  • Except in cases of life or safety, all readings are private. We value your privacy. We welcome clients from all walks of life, regardless of sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, race, or culture. We reserve the right to refuse to answer any question which violates our code of ethics or goes against our personal moral beliefs.

Spell Work

  • We do not do directed love spells EVER. we do however work with clients to work magic for non-directed love spells.
  • We do not perform hexes, curses or any other form of harmful magic, nor will we tell you how to.
  • We can make no promises as to the time frame within which the magic will take place. Often you will see signs of fulfillment within a moon cycle – sometimes it takes longer.