Weekly Reading: 2/12/2018

  It's a challenge to navigate the current climate and retain a sense of optimism. The constant barrage of news, information, gossip, and drama has created an era of hyper-stimulation, fraught with chaos. After a while, life in the Age of Crazy can just be downright exhausting. If you've reached the end of your rope … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 2/12/2018

Weekly Reading: 1/29/2018

All change requires time, effort, and space to become fully realized. Our impatience not only makes the wait seem longer...it can actually increase the length of time needed to fulfill our goals. Plant the seeds, pull the weeds, and let nature do the rest of the job. Contrary to what a lot of people would … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 1/29/2018

Weekly Reading: 1/15/2018

Sometimes, I lay down the cards and just have to pause and say, "Whoa....." You'll notice there are five cards in this spread instead of three--that's because Justice and The Sun jumped out of the deck when I was pulling position one and three. When a card jumps out of the deck at you, you … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 1/15/2018

Weekly Reading: 12/11/2017

  Last week, the cards set a challenge for us--reach out to those with whom we may not have been connecting in the past few months. While the hope is that bridges were mended, the reality could be that it's time for some relationships to end. It's tough to close doors behind us, and too … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 12/11/2017

Weekly Reading: 11/27/2017

When they say "patience is a virtue" this week, they're probably looking at you. It's frustrating when situations get gridlocked, or worse, deadlocked between two opposing desires. If you're being pulled in two opposing directions, neither appealing, it's time to break out the heavy-duty patience and let the situation sit for a while. We all … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 11/27/2017

Weekly Reading: 11/13/2017

Is it possible that you have been fighting so long--strategizing, planning, dodging bullets--that you have forgotten how to recognize happiness when you see it? If the battle raging in your mind and thoughts blinds you to the joy and love that surrounds you every day, life must be a tragedy indeed. Yes, we are living … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 11/13/2017

Weekly Reading: 11/06/2017

We have within us all the tools we need to create positive change in the world. There are times when this is obvious--our words are golden, our touch is magical, and all the pieces fall into place effortlessly. When the times come where our words falter, our touch is clumsy, and the puzzle pieces seem … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 11/06/2017