Weekly Reading: 4/9/2018

You have a lot to offer the world, and the strength of character to know it. However, your energies are better used working toward the greater good than for your own self-interest. Look at where you are placing your efforts this week? Are you focused on how you can best contribute to the good of … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 4/9/2018

Weekly Reading: 4/2/2018

You know in your heart that you need to pitch in to the task at hand, but you need to be really careful about your motives. Now is the time for action, yes, but not for grandstanding. Before stepping into the position of savior, examine your heart for any hidden agenda. This call is not about … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 4/2/2018

Weekly Reading: 3/19/2018

  Things may be looking your way, but it’s not an accident. By building an atmosphere of love and respect, you have nurtured and grown this victory from a tiny seedling. Don’t be afraid to take a moment, look at what you’ve done, and celebrate. You have laid the foundation for future opportunities through your … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 3/19/2018

Weekly Reading: 3/12/2018

  The time for distractions is rapidly coming to an end. For too long, you may have been clinging to a comfortable prison, happily or unhappily clutching superficialities to your chest, preferring the devil you know to the one you do not know. This week, the cards are telling you to let go of your … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 3/12/2018

Weekly Reading: 3/5/2018

When you’ve spent so much time fighting and pushing past barriers, the calm can often be startling when you finally reach it. This week is the time to take a few moments and appreciate the results of what you’ve accomplished so far. You’re not done, yet—who ever is? But you’ve reached a plateau that will … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 3/5/2018

Weekly Reading: 2/26/2018

It may feel like you are having to start all over in an area where you’d thought you’d gained mastery. If you are feeling like everything you knew is no longer relevant, congratulations. You’re still learning and growing. As no knowledge or experience can ever be truly irrelevant, you can stop agonizing about all the … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 2/26/2018

Weekly Reading: 2/12/2018

  It's a challenge to navigate the current climate and retain a sense of optimism. The constant barrage of news, information, gossip, and drama has created an era of hyper-stimulation, fraught with chaos. After a while, life in the Age of Crazy can just be downright exhausting. If you've reached the end of your rope … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 2/12/2018