Weekly Reading: 12/10/2018

When you put your heart into something--be it a relationship or an ideal--there is always a chance you could get burned. If life has left you stinging, there's no shame in pulling back a bit, healing your wounds, and getting some perspective. There is no reward without risk, and not every hand reached out in … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 12/10/2018

Weekly Reading: 12/03/2018

Change of any kind is never easy, and spiritual growth is not for the faint of heart. Keeping up your commitment is hard enough when you are feeling like the smartest kid in the class. When that self-confidence starts to fail, you will need to dig deep and remind yourself why you started this journey. … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 12/03/2018

Weekly Reading: 11/26/2018

If your thoughts are turning towards the dramatic, or even terrifying, take a moment to pull back and take stock. How much of your anxiety is based on actual events, and how much on your imagined fears and expectations? As much as you want to push forward and fix everything, now is the time to … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 11/26/2018

Weekly Reading: 11/19/2018

The power feels giddy, doesn't it? After all the hard work, it feels great to be on top. Just remember that arriving at your goal doesn't mean you have stopped learning. Balance the requirements of leadership with a novice's spirit. Keeping your eyes, ears, heart, and mind open will allow you to truly embrace the position … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 11/19/2018

Weekly Reading: 11/12/2018

We are entering a time of endless possibility. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to stop seeing yourself as a victim riddled with limitations and doubt. Greet this moment with compassion, for yourself and for others, as you step forward into a position of leadership and self-confidence. You have the power to … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 11/12/2018

Weekly Reading: 10/01/2018

Why are you worrying so much about the way things are supposed to be? Yes, to all things there is a purpose and plan, but these should not come at the expense of your own higher wisdom. Adopt a strict discipline as you move forward this week. Dot your i's and cross your t's, and … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 10/01/2018

Weekly Reading: 09/24/2018

  If you find yourself clinging too tightly to the pennies in your hand while gazing suspiciously at the good fortune falling in your lap, you may want to take a step back and breathe. Sometimes, even those of us blessed with good fortune can become frightened and needy, worried that if we loosen our … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 09/24/2018