Weekly Reading: 06/18/2018

  We are in a time of profound change--spiritually, politically, socially. While the storm rages and the structure of our lives rattle dangerously around us, we all have the opportunity to learn who we truly are. The egoistic self-images we have wrapped around ourselves are being stripped away, and finally the true nature of our … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 06/18/2018

Weekly Reading: 06/11/2018

When a card jumps out of the deck, pay attention to its message. Unpleasant emotional entanglements can have you feeling out of sorts and disillusioned. Perhaps it's time to pull back your involvement in certain areas, even if you are the most knowledgeable on the subject. Being the smartest person in the room isn't always … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 06/11/2018

Weekly Reading: 5/28/2018

You've got an opportunity to strut your stuff and really put your experience and skills to use. While past collaborations may have made you gun-shy, especially concerning accusations of grandstanding and limelight-stealing, this new venture can really allow you to shine in a way that benefits you and others. You can show your fierce skills … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 5/28/2018

Weekly Reading: 5/21/2018

If you're expecting life to come to a stand-still any time soon, you're going to be disappointed. Life is not about fixed points--we're on a journey. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is to wait until all the facts have presented themselves.┬áKeep your eyes and ears alert and be prepared. The time to move … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 5/21/2018

Weekly Reading: 5/07/2018

To the best of your ability, be generous, caring, and kind this week. When you hear the nagging voice saying, "Nice guys/gals finish last," remind yourself that this is not a race. Our mission in this life is not to die with the most toys. It's to create relationships, interact with each other, and learn … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 5/07/2018

Weekly Reading: 4/30/2018

If your thoughts linger too long on what you have suffered and who has wronged you, the entire world must feel like a struggle. It's smart to know your surroundings and have a plan for navigating the various hazards of life, but you can't let vigilance devolve into bitterness or cynicism. No matter what happens … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 4/30/2018

Weekly Reading: 4/23/2018

Time spent in your own company is not always lonely--often it's the precursor to periods of intense productivity, creativity, and accomplishment. You're seeing the fruits of your efforts now, and while you may have missed out on a few parties or fun activities, your hard work was definitely worth it. Remember that even geniuses need … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 4/23/2018