Weekly Reading: 10/01/2018

Why are you worrying so much about the way things are supposed to be? Yes, to all things there is a purpose and plan, but these should not come at the expense of your own higher wisdom. Adopt a strict discipline as you move forward this week. Dot your i's and cross your t's, and … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 10/01/2018

Weekly Reading: 09/24/2018

  If you find yourself clinging too tightly to the pennies in your hand while gazing suspiciously at the good fortune falling in your lap, you may want to take a step back and breathe. Sometimes, even those of us blessed with good fortune can become frightened and needy, worried that if we loosen our … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 09/24/2018

Weekly Reading: 09/17/2018

  Building on the good vibes of last week, you can see that the time for second-guessing is done. If you are going to capitalize on the positive momentum already in motion, you must step out of the passive mode and allow yourself the courage to take firm action. At this point, doing nothing is … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 09/17/2018

Weekly Reading: 09/10/2018

  Things are going well. The pieces are falling into place. You're seeing some successes. So why are you still feeling bad? If you are spending more time looking at what's not there than you are enjoying what is right in front of you, of course you're going to feel unfulfilled. You have planted the … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 09/10/2018

Weekly Reading: 09/03/2018

  The sacrifices you've made are the catalyst for the positive changes happening in your life. While it's tempting to linger in the sadness or regret, know that every experience is part of the greater trajectory of your life. You are constantly creating your reality, through your choices, your attitude, your courage, and your experiences. … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 09/03/2018

Weekly Reading: 08/20/2018

There is often joy at the start of an adventure,¬†an enthusiasm that brings a sense of purpose to even the most difficult journey. Eventually, that romance wears off, and you are left with the slog of continuing and (hopefully) completing the mission. It is no longer the time for wide-eyed innocence. You must gather your … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 08/20/2018

Weekly Reading: 08/13/2018

Sometimes, the only way out of a bind is to stop. Struggling against invisible ropes will only get you more tightly knotted, but if you pause a moment, you may see a way to extricate yourself. Better yet, reach out to a friend. Each of you brings a different perspective to the table, and together … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 08/13/2018

Weekly Reading: 08/06/2018

It may feel like you are a spy in your own life right now, watching, waiting, planning and strategizing. Try to find a balance between "looking out for number one" and being "mommy" to the world. You can do both, but it requires a bit more diligence on your part. You don't have to swing … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 08/06/2018

Weekly Reading: 07/30/2018

Resist the urge to make it all about you. When the stakes are high, it's not about popularity or being the smartest person in the room. You must dig deep into your intuition, carefully weigh your options, and allow your Inner Grownup to come to the forefront. Temper common sense with wisdom, knowing that in … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 07/30/2018