Weekly Reading: 06/10/2019

  If your single-minded pursuit of your goals is putting excess strain on you or your relationships, you may want to take a step back and re-establish your priorities. While financial success is a worthy goal, it does not take the place of healthy relationships, self-esteem, and self-control. This week's homework: Are you ignoring personal … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 06/10/2019

Weekly Reading: 06/03/2019

Sometimes, it's harder to deal with success than it is to deal with failure. When you look at the good things coming your way, and a part of you hears things like, "It's a fluke," or "It can't last," the spectre of imposter syndrome could be lurking in the corners of your mind. It's hard … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 06/03/2019

Weekly Reading: 05/27/2019

If you're running in circles, making decisions on the fly, feeling like you have to keep moving or things will solidify into a giant heap of yuck, maybe it's time to just slow down. Busywork in itself is the epitome of aimlessness. When you're feeling uninspired or just plain burned out, you may find yourself … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 05/27/2019

Weekly Reading: 05/20/2019

The goblins are playing with your head this week, trying to distract you from realizing how extraordinarily well you're doing. They will nit pick, blow failure out of proportion, minimize successes, anything to keep you from seeing your own self-worth. Our brain evolved a default negative attitude for a good reason--fearing and preparing for the … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 05/20/2019

Weekly Reading: 05/13/2019

Oh, my! Has the Devil got your thoughts in a snit this week? When you look at life through the primary lens of material and social status, it's easy to get caught up in superficial worries. This week, when you look at your bank account or your possessions or the bills stacked up on the … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 05/13/2019

Weekly Reading: 05/06/2019

As obstacles begin to clear in one area, don't be surprised if you begin to meet resistance elsewhere. Through the force of your own thoughts, dreams, and positive actions, you've managed to achieve an "easy" victory others may view as luck. Don't let their skepticism throw you. We all follow a path in life. Some … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 05/06/2019

Weekly Reading: 04/29/2019

At this point in the game, you know intellectually that you cannot control things all the time.  So why are you still struggling to control things you can't control? Why are you still fighting that small still voice inside of you? It's hard to let go of that need to dominate every situation, especially when … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 04/29/2019

Weekly Reading: 04/22/2019

In every journey, there will be a point where doubt begins to creep in. You've been doing so well. Still, money fears, personal demons, overthinking, and self-indulgence may be creeping at your heels, hoping to pull you backwards from your forward momentum. It's important to remember that no path is truly clear, and all progress … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 04/22/2019

Weekly Reading: 04/13/2019

As you move towards the life you're creating, there will be times when fear raises its head to interfere with your progress. Old thoughts and doubts may resurface, as well as a tendency to cling so hard to what you've already got that you push away the things the Universe is trying to send your … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 04/13/2019