Weekly Reading: 12/17/2018

It's important to remember that life does not happen in a straight line. Regardless of how strong the beginning was, eventually you will hit a plateau where forward motion seems to stop. All those free-flying ideas seem to clash, and you might start to think everything is ending before it really began. When this happens, … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 12/17/2018

Tarot 101: The Spreads

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the cards, the next logical step is learning the spreads. When I first started reading in the 90s, I was completely intimidated by spreads. There seemed to be so many aspects to keep track of, and I almost gave up completely until I found my way around the topic. Think … Continue reading Tarot 101: The Spreads

Weekly Reading: 12/10/2018

When you put your heart into something--be it a relationship or an ideal--there is always a chance you could get burned. If life has left you stinging, there's no shame in pulling back a bit, healing your wounds, and getting some perspective. There is no reward without risk, and not every hand reached out in … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 12/10/2018

Tarot 101: The Suits

The Four Families If you’ve ever looked at your deck and thought, I am never going to remember all this, congratulations! You’re not alone. There are 56 Minor Arcana cards, each with rich meanings and connotations, and that can be a challenge to memorize. While it’s important to learn and understand the meanings of the … Continue reading Tarot 101: The Suits

Weekly Reading: 12/03/2018

Change of any kind is never easy, and spiritual growth is not for the faint of heart. Keeping up your commitment is hard enough when you are feeling like the smartest kid in the class. When that self-confidence starts to fail, you will need to dig deep and remind yourself why you started this journey. … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 12/03/2018

Tarot 101: Major and Minor Arcana

The Epic Journey Have you ever been watching a movie and wanted to instructions at the screen? “No, don’t do that! It’s a trap!” Or how about, “Are you crazy? That’s the person of your dreams; don’t walk away!” It’s easy to know what a character in a fictional film should do. From childhood, we … Continue reading Tarot 101: Major and Minor Arcana

Weekly Reading: 11/26/2018

If your thoughts are turning towards the dramatic, or even terrifying, take a moment to pull back and take stock. How much of your anxiety is based on actual events, and how much on your imagined fears and expectations? As much as you want to push forward and fix everything, now is the time to … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 11/26/2018