When the Cards are Speaking Gibberish

As a new reader, it's always fun (and sometimes scary) when you lay out a spread and the answer comes to you magically in a flash of insight. You just know it was meant to be. You are a reader, and you have the amazingest insight skills of all the peoples! (Yay!) These moments of … Continue reading When the Cards are Speaking Gibberish

Weekly Reading: 02/18/2019

After last week's tizzy of intellectual activity, this week's slowdown may feel roughly the same as hitting a brick wall. Delays, false starts, and dead ends both frustrate and confuse you, since everything seemed to be going at such a great pace. When progress seems to slow to a crawl, you must remember that the … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 02/18/2019

What NOT to Ask a Tarot Reader

Picture it - you've just been called back for your tarot reading. Madame Calpurnia (or whoever) appears draped in vivid colors that reflect in her enormous crystal ball. Wild eyes and wilder jewelry draw you deeper into her mystical atmosphere. The scent of incense wafts through the air as Tibetan singing bowls hum quietly in … Continue reading What NOT to Ask a Tarot Reader

Weekly Reading: 02/11/2019

  This week, your thoughts are filled with good things--ideas, opportunities, and plans that are as energizing as they are brimming with potential. From this vantage point, it seems there are nothing but opportunities simply waiting for you to take advantage of them. While you luxuriate in this wealth of insight, remember that just because … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 02/11/2019

Twisted Tales of Tarot: The (Celtic) Cross I Bear

I have to tell you, I had a blast doing the Tarot 101 series of posts. And I'm sure you're all going to town, reading for every warm body that slows down long enough for you to grab your cards. I say, "Good for you!" Read those cards! Do your thing. Get into it and … Continue reading Twisted Tales of Tarot: The (Celtic) Cross I Bear

Weekly Reading: 02/04/2019

  Guess what! This week, you get to be the Designated Grownup. You get to do the right thing, make the right choices, put on your Big Kid pants and Make Stuff Happen! If that sounds like a living hell, cheer up. You're not alone. So many of us have linked responsibility, sensible living, and … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 02/04/2019

Monthly Recap: January 2019

Back at the beginning of January, Kat wrote a post about New Year's Resolutions with a suggestion to do a reading for the year, then follow up each month to see how it applied. Well, since we are definitely in the "do, not say" camp, we decided to do our own reading for Two Ladies … Continue reading Monthly Recap: January 2019

Weekly Reading: 01/21/2019

  Your mind is filled with excitement, creativity, and curiosity. You may find the world filled with shiny new ideas to pursue (or be pursed by!) this week. The combination of all these lovely distractions and an acute case of itchy feet could spell disaster if you get too far ahead of yourself. We live … Continue reading Weekly Reading: 01/21/2019

Tarot 101: Predicting the Future

  Lesson Five: Predicting the Future In this final lesson, I’d like to address the big question readers get most often doing readings: Can you predict the future? (This is usually followed by, “If it’s bad, I don’t want to know.”) Kat and I have had many long debates about this. The short answer is … Continue reading Tarot 101: Predicting the Future