About The Cards

We use a variety of decks in our readings, both oracle and tarot. Whether you get a reading from us, or would prefer to learn to do your own readings, Two Ladies Tarot fully endorses the following decks.

Kat’s Decks

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards: Colette Baron-Reid


This gorgeous deck from Colette Baron-Reid is Kat’s go-to deck for most readings. The stunning imagery of all Baron-Reid’s decks is a perfect metaphor for the journey of life.

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms: Colette Baron-Reid


If a deeper interpretation is needed for an individual or relationship within a reading, Kat will pull a card from this amazing deck. Using vivid imagery and timeless archetypes, this deck gives clear insight into perspectives and personalities.

The Spirit Animal Oracle: Colette Baron-Reid

Goddess Power Oracle: Colette Baron-Reid

Deb’s Decks

The Enchanted Tarot: Amy Zerner and Monte Farber


Deb has been using The Enchanted Tarot from Amy Zerner and Monte Farber as her primary deck since 1994. This traditional tarot deck uses beautiful images by artist and fashion designer Amy Zerner as a focal point for inspiration. The images on each card are fabric mosaics which reflect Zerner’s signature style as a designer.

Power Animal Oracle Cards: Steven D Farmer PhD

This is a fun deck Deb uses to do her Animal Card posts over on Instagram.

(Subscriber Exclusive) The Good Tarot: Colette Baron-Reid

Subscribers to our newsletter get an exclusive weekly reading using this gorgeous deck from Colette Baron-Reid!

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