About The Cards

So What Are These Cards Anyway?

Anybody with access to the Google Machine can search tarot cards and oracle cards and get a definition.  But what are they, really? Are they magic? Are they science?  How can cardboard rectangles with (admittedly beautiful) pictures on them tell me so much about myself?

We can’t speak for other readers, just for ourselves.

If you’ve never had a reading before, or if you’ve never even heard of tarot and oracle cards, the whole process probably looks very weird. Here’s how a reading usually goes: the reader shuffles the cards, focuses, then deals a certain number of cards in a certain pattern.  And based on the cards that fall, where they fall, what cards fall next to them, and the context of the question, the reader then begins to answer the question.  The reader can add more cards to clarify, and sometimes a reader will interpret a card differently based on whether or not it lands upside-down or right-side-up. Rinse. Lather. Repeat until questions are answered.

How a reader interprets the cards depend heavily on the reader. Each card has a certain meaning, of course, and the position in the spread (layout) of the cards has meaning as well.  But many readers (like Deb) use the cards and layout as a starting off point, preferring to allow the cards to trigger their intuition. Other readers (like Kat) focus more on the card definition, finding nuances in the complex meanings that offers insight into the questions being offered.

How does it work? No one knows. Anyone can learn to read cards, by learning the definitions and the spreads and practicing.  But at a certain point, a good reader has to leave behind standard definitions,  and tap into something bigger. Everything in the universe is connected, and often cards provide a reader with a way to tap into that connection.

Are readings foolproof? Of course not. At Two Ladies Tarot, we liken our readings to a GPS system. Our readings give the questioner a bird’s-eye view of where they are right now, what forces are influencing them, and where certain paths might lead. And just like GPS, the map is constantly changing. The questioner is not stuck on a certain path, and our readings help decide if they want to continue forward or change to a different direction.  Some reasons are very specific, others are more vague.  It’s not an absolute science.

What’s really the point of these readings? Knowledge is power. If you know where you are, and you know where you’re going, you have more control over your own destiny. You have more control over the choices you make.  We believe that each of us has the ability to live an amazing life, and at Two Ladies Tarot, our goal is to help our clients map out the best way to get there.