Weekly Reading: 12/02/2019

Frustration, fear, self-doubt – these are all normal parts of life. But if they are starting to stop you from doing the things you need to do, or if they are affecting your life in other ways, you should definitely pay attention to them.

This week’s homework:

  • Quite often, something difficult will hold within it the seed of an amazing breakthrough. If you are currently experiencing depression, stress, or feeling overwhelmed, take some time for yourself. It could be your morning commute, or a long bath–any time you have to just relax. Instead of ruminating over your worries, play the “Back When…” Game. Imagine yourself a couple of years in the future, looking back on your current stresses from a place of safety, security, and well-being. Acknowledge how hard your worked, how frightened you were, how stressed you were. Pat yourself on the back (from the future) for getting through it, for being brave, for being clever. You will remind yourself, on a subconscious level, that “this too shall pass.” At the very least, you’ll have given yourself a little mini-vacation from your stress!

At this time of year, it’s crucial that you pay attention to your mental health. Between the rush of the holiday season, the pressure to be “up,” the news, the weather, it’s no wonder so many of us succumb to seasonal stress. Remember what’s important, take care of yourself, and always look for the hidden breakthrough!

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