Weekly Reading: 11/25/2019

If imposter syndrome starts creeping its way into your subconscious (or conscious) mind, if self-doubt rears its ugly head, just remember that you are more than anyone’s opinion of you. We get so drawn up into comparisons, both internal and external, that we forget to simply be most of the time. Be kind. Be patient. Be understanding.

This week’s homework:

  • Pay attention to your self talk this week. As things get stressful, does your internal dialogue get testy? Do you criticize yourself? Are you impatient with real and supposed mistakes? Do you freak yourself out with doom and gloom predictions? When your internal thoughts get rough, take a moment for a few deep breaths. Give yourself some distance and then say to yourself, “It’s okay. It’s all going to work out for the best. I am strong enough for this. I’m okay.” See how that affects your stress level.

The best remedy for self-doubt and insecurity is generosity. While this is definitely the time of year when think of generosity to others, don’t forget to be generous with yourself as well. Generosity doesn’t have to be a material thing – give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Ease up on harsh judgements, impossible expectations, and relentless demands for perfection. Be as kind and generous to yourself as you would to a beloved friend.

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