Weekly Reading: 10/28/2019

With each ending comes the opportunity for rebirth, change, and growth. You may be undergoing great changes currently which leave you feeling unmoored and afraid. Remember that you are on a journey and that you have been preparing your entire life for this moment. You are right on track, and you have all that you need to make the proper choices.

This week’s homework:

  • Identify an area where you are being asked to change. Observe your emotions around that change: are you anxious? Are you resentful? Are you resistant? Or are you confident, energized, and optimistic? If you find yourself having negative responses to changes you cannot and should not deny, take a moment to analyze those responses. Pull yourself out of the picture for a moment. What advice would you give to a stranger facing these changes? A loved one? A student or younger colleague? The answers you need are within you, if you just step back and allow them the space to breathe.

Fear of change is fear of death. Fear of death often comes from a lack of faith in the goodness and rightness of the universe. They say when one door closes, another one opens. As you stand on the threshold of the changes life demands of you, allow your faith to keep you brave and steady as you move confidently toward the future.

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