Weekly Reading: 10/21/2019

As we work towards goals, it’s a challenge to keep motivated. Delays, mistakes, and opposition are a normal part of any journey, and our minds will often use these normal circumstances as excuses to simply give up. This is merely our brains accentuating our own fear of change in order to protect us from real or imagined dangers associated with achieving our goals.

This week’s homework:

  • When faced with the anxiety that comes from mistakes, bad luck, or merely internal resistance, your best bet is to take a moment to remind yourself of your true purpose. Take a step back from the overwhelming details and remind yourself why you’ve undertaken this task. Are you trying to create a happier, more prosperous life for yourself and your family? Are you trying to express your internal truth in a way that will make the world a better place? Are you simply trying to secure some peace and happiness for yourself in an often harsh and unyielding world?

We so often get caught up in the minutiae of a task that we push the big picture to the back. Reminding yourself of your overall purpose can renew not only your passion for the task, but your faith in its value and purpose. This can elevate you above the slog of details that threaten to overwhelm you and place you squarely back onto the path of hope, faith, and purpose.

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