Everyday Tarot: Using the Cards for Daily Guidance


When you look at popular myth, it’s easy to think of tarot as something distant and exotic, a one-time splurge at a Renaissance Fair or a fun party activity. The truth is the tarot can be a useful tool in your daily life. As you learn to read tarot, you will discover it’s not just for parties and special occasions.

Here are a couple of ways you can use tarot to help you in your everyday life.

Weekly Readings

The weekly readings we post here every Monday are a great example of how tarot can become a normal, constructive part of your routine. Just as we do here at Two Ladies Tarot, you can benefit from a simple three card reading at the beginning of each week. These readings help you set the tone for the week, pointing out areas of concern which may require your focus and prompting you to look for more creative ways to move forward in your life.

Daily Cards

Many people like to pull a card at the beginning of each day to use as a meditation focus. Tarot cards are great for this purpose, especially if you pull only from the Major Arcana. As this arcana deals with major life issues, they can help elevate you from the day to day burdens into a realm of higher wisdom. Another option is to use oracle cards: animal cards, God or Goddess cards, anything that will help you to remember your place as an eternal being having a human experience.

Choosing Between Options

While I am not advocating turning to the cards every time you want to know whether to have chicken or fish for dinner, the tarot can help you decide between options when need be. If you are considering a major decision, I’d recommend doing a full spread. But for minor choices, simply lay down a card for each option. This isn’t always a cut and dry method. Often you’ll see that neither option is obviously great or obviously bad. Instead, the cards will give you insight into what to expect from either choice. For example, Choice A might give you the Three of Wands while Choice B gives you the Four of Pentacles. I’d interpret this as Choice A giving you an opportunity to plan, prepare, and collaborate while Choice B gives you time to rest, recuperate and reflect. Neither reflects the need for direct action, but both offer clear indications of what would be expected of you should you choose one option or the other.

Yes or No Questions

I honestly am not a big fan of using the tarot for yes or no questions. Honestly, in these circumstances I’m more likely to use a pendulum. But tarot can be used for yes or no questions if needed. You can use the upright/reversed method (upright is a yes answer, reversed a no), one card readings. Be cautious when doing these readings, though. Don’t ask questions if you don’t want to know the answer. Check your biases before reading; these can skew answers one way or another. And finally, don’t keep drawing cards until you get the answer you like. That sort of defeats the point of doing these readings.

Tarot can be a very useful tool for guidance in your everyday life. As with any tools, the more you use it, the more comfortable you will be using it. And just as not all tools are appropriate for not all situations, there are times when tarot is not the answer. The wisdom to tell the difference is what makes all the magic happen.

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Peace and Love,


Photo by Raul Petri on Unsplash



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