Weekly Reading: 09/30/2019

It’s hard making plans for the future when you are dealing with fear in the present. Right now, you may be fretting bills, deadlines, responsibilities, and all manner of chaos in your life while simultaneously knowing that you should be planning for tomorrow. Past disappointments have made you leery of setting goals, and current worries are a perfect distraction (read: excuse) to just sit back and accept the status quo.

This week’s homework:

  • Where are you allowing past failures or troubles to stop you from setting goals? In what areas of your life have you given up, content to accept what you have in order to avoid the pain of going for what you really want?
  • What are the dreams you’ve forgotten? What are the goals you have abandoned? What part of you have you denied in order to cut these dreams away? Are they still inside you, hoping to get out and breathe life back into your soul?

In a cynical world, hope is a radical and defiant thing. It takes courage to look at the world around you, to look at the life you’re currently living (even if that life is good), and think, “I can do better.” It takes strength to look at your life, even if that life is good enough, and say, “I will do better…and here’s my plan.”

Be brave. Be strong. Your life is worth planning for. Your dreams are worth fighting for.

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