Weekly Reading: 09/23/2019

Your fear of financial loss or material lack is weighing heavy on your mind this week, but don’t let that blind you to the opportunities for generosity at hand. You will never be too broke to offer a word of kindness or encouragement. You will never be too tired for a smile or patient response. Remember that wealth comes in all form, and material wealth is only one form. Regardless of your material circumstance, you have a treasure at your disposal in the form of attitude, kindness, patience, and generosity.

This week’s homework:

  • Think about your current circumstance. When you are considering your “possessions,” try removing anything material from the mix. Don’t think of money, possessions, or spending power. What do you have? What belongs to you? Are you funny? Does your presence lend a calm to tense situations? Are you always the one with the perfect solution to tricky problems? Do you have great friends? Are your kids just hilariously wonderful? Can you pick out any tune on the piano or find the harmony to any song? These gifts belong to you, independent of finances or possessions.
  • Start a gratitude journal. Only stipulation? You can’t include material possessions. An typical entry might read “I’m grateful my commute goes by the airport so I can see airplanes taking off and landing every day.” or “My cat is so ridiculous. I’m grateful for the laughter she gives me.” Take a fresh look at what makes life good.

Corny as it sounds, our wealth in this life has so little to do with money and physical possessions it can be comical. When you look at yourself from the perspective of spirit, you can truly begin to see how amazing life is and how blessed each and everyone of us is.

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