Tarot-strology 2019: Happy Birthday, Libra!


Cancer: September 23 – October 23
Element: Air
Ruling planet: Venus
Symbol: Scales
Zodiac quality: Cardinal
Birthstones: Peridot, Agate, Tourmaline, Sapphire
Birthday Reading: Judgement, Queen of Wands, Seven of Hearts

Elegant Libra, you are known for your taste, charm, and harmonious nature. Mind that your desire to avoid conflict doesn’t blind you to certain truths you’d otherwise prefer to avoid.
The typical Libra will jump through hoops of fire to avoid conflict. When possible, you will do quite a bit to ensure harmony, peace, and beauty dominate your environment. The trick to this however, is to remember that all life contains conflict, even your beautiful, harmonious, peaceful life. At some point, you may be forced to face a situation head on and deal with it, even if it causes a bit of chaos. Turning a blind eye or wallowing in delusion will only make the conflict harder to deal with later.
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Peace and Love,


Photo by Photo-nic.co.uk on Unsplash.


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