Weekly Reading: 09/09/2019

A combination of high expectations and deep-seated fears may have you feeling like all is lost, or at least that you’re heading in that direction. The reality is that you have got this all under control. The world you actually inhabit can be unrecognizable when seen through the filter of fear and desire. There are still things to be done, problems to be fixed, and choices to be made. But you cannot address these things unless you’re able to look at them clearly, without the emotional burdens of fear and desire.

This week’s homework:

  • Are you in a thought vortex? I first heard the term “thought vortex” from coach Michael Neill. Neill, like so many other thought leaders, reminds us that our experience is 100% determined by our thoughts. Sometimes, we’ll get into a thought vortex (or thought spiral) where one negative thought leads us down a rabbit hole of increasingly traumatic thoughts until we are in a state of panic. If you catch yourself going into a spiral of negative thoughts, distract yourself with something positive. Like ants in a death spiral, it only takes one positive thought to break the pattern and free your thinking.
  • Practice letting go of judgement. How many times a day do you use judging language? Think about all the times you read an article online and say, “That’s awful!” or “Those people are idiots.” How many times do you get upset because someone does something you don’t agree with, or something doesn’t turn out the way you expected? Humans are very good at setting expectations, either positive or negative, and they will do quite a bit of mental navigation to fulfill those expectations. What if you spent a day without expectations? For example, what if you didn’t expect people to drive properly on the freeway? Or, you didn’t expect them to be jerks and make your commute miserable? With no expectation either way, you’d just drive your car and get to work. You wouldn’t be frustrated when people failed to meet your expectation to drive properly, or vindicated (in the worst way possible) when they did meet your expectation to be jerks? You would just…drive.

Fear and hope are hard-wired into our survival mechanisms, and for good reason. They have kept the species going for millennia. But fear and hope are tools, and you are the practical person at the center of it all deciding what to use and what to put aside. Remember that–you choose how you’re going to experience this life. So why not make a choice that gives you peace?

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