Tarot-strology 2019: Happy Birthday, Virgo!


Cancer: August 23 – September 23
Element: Earth
Ruling planet: Mercury
Symbol: Maiden
Zodiac quality: Mutable
Birthstones: Carnelian, Zircon, Onyx, Peridot, Agate
Birthday Reading: Princess of Swords, Ace of Hearts, Five of Hearts

Gentle Virgo, your proper exterior often masks a deep and loving heart. Let go of past hurts, let go of disappointments, and let your natural warmth shine through.
It’s no secret that your average Virgo has a sharp, curious, and particular mind. This is the face you most feel comfortable sharing and, while it’s hardly false, it can be misleading. That protective mask of perfectionism you wear may feel safe in some ways, but is it keeping you from experiencing life on a deeper and more profound level? If you are pushing people away because of past disappointments, you could be closing yourself off from a brilliant future.  Remember, at the core of all you do, there is a deep and abiding love that will carry you through.
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Peace and Love,


Photo by Photo-nic.co.uk on Unsplash.


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