Weekly Reading: 08/05/2019

This week, you are being called to mentor. If you’ve been blessed with success, experience, and resources, take a moment to remember with the eyes of a beginner. Think back to the times when you were just starting down the path, and someone reached back a hand to help you. There is always something to teach, and always something to learn. When you take the time to help someone else, you receive blessings in equal turn.

This week’s homework:

  • Look for an opportunity to help someone out who is starting out in your field. It doesn’t have to be a formal mentorship–maybe just a kind word of encouragement, a ‘well done,’ or an offer to help out.
  • Try to look at your current status with the eyes of the newcomer. Think back to when all this was new to you, and allow yourself to see your accomplishments through those eyes. Remember the wonder with which you used to look at those more experienced than you. You are those people now.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our own drama, to be self-involved and self-promoting. The act of generosity will free you from the burden of selfishness and allow new and powerful gifts to enter your life.

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