Weekly Reading: 07/29/2019

Right now, every muscle in your body seems to want to go, go, go! It’s great to be motivated and driven, but you need to back up that ambition with vision, honor, and mental clarity. Be careful, in your enthusiasm, not to allow impulsiveness, haste, or manipulation to enter the picture. It’s better to achieve your goal in a way that is honest.

This week’s homework:

  • Where are you rushing into things without proper due diligence? Step back and examine the reasons you are in such a hurry? Is the sense of urgency real or manufactured? In many cases, the hurry we’re in is more about wanting to show something in the “Win” column than true necessity. If possible, slow down. Seek out the opinions of people you consider mentors or experts in your area. Why rush if it means getting there with less than your best?

You are a natural leader, but even you need guidance from time to time. Allow yourself to slow down long enough to give your wisdom room to breathe before rushing into the next adventure!

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