Weekly Reading: 07/22/2019

One of the benefits of choosing your own path is that you get to be your own director, CEO, and creative designer. One of the downfalls is that you are also in charge of HR, and that sometimes means you have to “let people go.” While you may not actually be firing anyone this week, you are going to be called on to let go of things, people, and beliefs that no longer align with your higher goals.

Letting go can be painful. Just because something or someone no longer aligns with your highest good does not mean they no longer matter. Whether what you’re clinging to is overtly positive or negative, it still means enough to you to hold old to it long after it has served its purpose.

This week’s homework:

  • Do an honest inventory of all the things in your life that you cling to hard. Do these things serve any purpose beyond nostalgia? Are they justifications for holding back? Are they excuses for inactivity or time wasting? Are they part of an identity you no longer hold but are unwilling to let go of? Sort the wheat from the chaff, and ask yourself why you hold on to what no longer serves you.

The truth is, we all acquire things along our journey. Most of these things have a shelf-life; we let them go when they are no longer useful. As the old proverb goes, why carry the boat on your shoulders once you’ve crossed the river? Let it go. The job of a true leader is not always easy or fun, but no one can make this decision except you.

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