Weekly Reading: 07/15/2019

That ace of pentacles still vexes you this week, blocking new growth and advancement. Last week, you checked for flaws in your plans. This week, you should focus on opportunities for improvement. In other words, where can you improve your knowledge, skills, and attitude to better prepare you to take action when the block is finally removed? Think of it as spring training for your goals–you may not be putting checks in the official win column, but you’re teaching yourself how to play the game.

This week’s homework:

  • Find book or short course on a topic where you could use improvement, but have never had time to pursue. If your goal requires you to interact with people, and you’re not great with that, read up on interpersonal relationships, etiquette, etc. Make time to read through articles on innovations in your field of expertise so that perhaps you can integrate theses advancements into your own activities.
  • Reach out to a mentor or expert in the field where you are currently struggling. If they’re open to it, ask for advise and listen. Focus on how they keep their passions alive, how they move forward in times of struggle, and what suggestions they have for someone in your position.
  • Find an activity that you used to love doing, related to your field, and do it. Try to regain that joy, that passion you felt when you first started on this journey. Try to remember why you chose this path.

There are no short cuts to success, whether it is professional, personal, or spiritual. When the road seems longest, it’s crucial that you remember why you’re doing this and what you have to offer. And above all else, have fun. Otherwise, why even bother?

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