Weekly Reading: 07/08/2019

Right now it may seem that opportunities are few and far between. Instead of seeing this as a negative thing, take a moment to review your plans. Check for errors, potential bottlenecks, and looming errors you might not have seen when progress was moving rapidly forward.

Take advantage of this lull in activity to check your facts and figures. You may find you this was a blessing in disguise!

This week’s homework:

  • When you can go forward, go inward. Check the machinery of your goals–simple things that tend to get overlooked which could potentially cause damage if unchecked. Crunch the numbers again. Perhaps you are overlooking an opportunity to streamline your plans that will move your forward in a quantum leap once implemented.
  • When opportunities seem to be drying up, sometimes it means you are subconsciously blocking progress. Take this time to explore things, ideas, or processes you may be holding onto long past their usefulness. Are you doing things because they work, or because you’ve always done them? Are you maintaining ideas or relationships because they work, or because of sentimentality or misplaced loyalty? Release what does not work in order to open yourself to new potential.

Every goal has phases, peaks and troughs of activity that form the current of progress. Instead of mourning the lack of a peak, make the most of the trough so that you can be fully prepared to take advantage once opportunity strikes again.

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