Weekly Reading: 06/24/2019

As you continue to take control of your own life, financially and materially, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. Avoid taking short-cuts or skipping steps in order to get where you want faster. You have the chance to do something wonderful today–why not do it right the first time?


This week’s homework:

  • Where are you compromising in the name of expedience? Where is your bottom line more important than your integrity, pride, and work ethic? What can you do to bring integrity back into your pursuit?
  • As you pursue your goals, are there any areas where you are neglecting your own self-care? Can you bring a healthier attitude to how you are doing things? Remember, you won’t care about winning if you’re not able to enjoy your success when you get there.
  • Is your fear of the unknown holding you back? Are you wallowing in busy-work because you’re afraid of taking the next big step? Or are you barrelling ahead at break-neck speed without bothering to check the details? Either extreme can cause you headaches later on. Take your time, and get it right the first time.

The biggest lesson this week is going to be work-life balance. You’re juggling a lot of balls right now. Keep your eyes on the balls, of course, but remember–it’s supposed to be fun.

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