Tarot for Growth Challenge: Week Four

Tarot for Growth Challenge (#TarotForGrowthJune) is an Instagram challenge hosted by @bujowitchcraft. For each day in the month of June, 2019, I will pull a card for a specific question in the challenge. After a brief interpretation, I will offer an action tip. If you’d like to play along with the home version, search #TarotForGrowthJune, and don’t forget to tag us at #TwoLadiesTarot so we can see your progress!

Day: 22


Question: Where am I being invited to recognize the beauty in my self, life, or world?

Card: The World

Interpretation: Beauty lies in recognizing the fullness of life, the value in both the positive and negative, the light and the dark. The more we can embrace those aspects of ourselves that we hide or suppress, the more we understand the lovely intricacies that make life worth living.

Action: Choose one “flaw” about yourself, and list at least five ways that it helps you. Forgive that flaw and thank it for its contribution to the fullness of your life.


Day: 23


Question: What is my relationship with victimhood?

Card: Seven of Swords

Interpretation: Whether you’re holding on to the betrayals of the past or living in fear of potential future betrayals, you’re allowing others to determine the path of your life. Recognize that humans are flawed; if you’re around them long enough, they will eventually betray you (as you will betray them.) Forgive and move on. Life it too short to live in fear.

Action: Take some time to actively forgive someone for a betrayal. You don’t have to do it in person; just forgive them in your mind and heart. Recognize the behavior, then let it go. Then, forgive yourself for a time you have betrayed someone else. Recognize that both the betrayer and the betrayed are flawed human beings just trying to live their best lives. Choose kindness.


Day: 24

The Enchanted Tarot - Ace of Hearts

Question: How can I invote more compassionate energy into myself?

Card: Ace of Hearts

Interpretation: You don’t have to do anything to create more compassionate energy; you are made of compassionate energy (i.e., love.) Relax. Let down the barriers to that constant stream of love and compassion that energizes your body, feeds your soul, and moves you towards a life of richness and beauty.

Action: Take some time to enjoy the beauty of the world. Go into nature, take a scenic hike or drive, or if you can’t do it in person, search images of beautiful scenery online. Let yourself dissolve into the beauty around you. Release the barriers you create to protect you from modern life, if only for a second, and just feel life around you. Let your true nature expand within you.


Day: 25

The Enchanted Tarot - Princess of Swords

Question: What emotions am I being invited to feel more fully?

Card: Princess of Swords

Interpretation: It’s time for you to embrace that enthusiastic person inside of you. You know who it is – that curious, adventurous, excited person ready to face the world and all its challenges. No matter the burdens of life, that person still exists within you and can still be excited by the world around them. Let them come out and play.

Action: You know that thing you’ve always wanted to try? Skiing? Belly dancing? Grad school? Well, guess what? There’s no time like today. Sign up for a class, schedule the GRE, do something towards that long-suppressed goal you never dreamed possible. You want to feel alive again? Get moving.


Day: 26


Question: Where have I grown that deserves more recognition from my conscious self?

Card: Eight of Hearts

Interpretation: Nobody wants to be a martyr, but there is no denying that you have made sacrifices to get where you are today. Instead of just brushing them off, perhaps you should take some time to acknowledge and honor the things you let go of to follow the path you’re on.

Action: Think of the things you’ve sacrificed, the paths not taken, the choices made, that brought you to this place. What have you let go of that you really desired? If you regret these choices, forgive yourself. If the choices were for your higher good, allow yourself to grieve the loss of what might have been and be thankful for what has come to pass.


Day: 27


Question: What areas of my life could benefit from the placement of firm boundaries?

Card: Four of Hearts

Interpretation: Your life, especially your inner life, belongs to you. To fully thrive in this lifetime, you must be able to explore your inner self, and you can’t do that when your are constantly living for other people. Set good boundaries and honor your inner soul.

Action: Where are you giving away your time at the expense of your own inner health? What boundaries have you allowed to blur in the name of keeping peace or expedience? Even if it’s hard, reassert those boundaries. You have to make time for yourself, even if it pisses other people off.


Day: 28


Question: Where am I being invited to take back my power?

Card: Five of Pentagrams

Interpretation: Poverty consciousness is one of the most oppressive forms of self-torment. It is time to take back the understanding that we live in an abundant universe with bounty available to all of us, not just a chosen few.

Action: Keep an abundance journal. Track all the things you receive, all the things you have, all the freebies you enjoy. Raise your awareness at how much you truly have, rather than focus on what you lack. Nothing engenders weakness more than a feeling of poverty; allow yourself to accept and acknowledge the abundance in your life.


Day: 29


Question: Who in my life could benefit from some extra affection at this time?

Card: Three of Pentagrams

Interpretation: They say work shared is work halved, and there are so many people in your life helping you out. Whether they are coworkers, friends, or family, these people contribute every day to creating a life worth living. Give them a little love, will ya?

Action: Create a Thank You list of all the people who do things for you that may otherwise go unnoticed. From the child who makes their bed everyday without being asked to that barista who always gives you extra foam to the coworker who takes on extra burdens to let you focus on a big project, these are the angels of our lives. Take a moment to give them an extra thank you and let them know you appreciate what they do for you.


Day: 30

The Enchanted Tarot - Ten of Hearts

Question: Where am I being invited to challenge myself?

Card: Ten of Hearts

Interpretation: Cheer the HECK UP! You are being called, challenged no less, to celebrate this life you’re living. No matter how dark the clouds may get, you are called to a higher life of joy and love. Do not succumb to negativity; that’s the easy way out. Glory in the world around you, in the beautiful relationships you enjoy, and in the wonderful experience of life on Earth.

Action: Throw a party. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just a celebration of life. You’ve done amazing things this month, worked through so much, and you have much to be proud of. Give yourself the gift of joy, positivity, and friendship. Let this feeling of joy guide you into July and the rest of your journey.

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Peace and Love,


Images courtesy The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

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