Weekly Reading: 06/17/2019


Focusing only on the end result, “whatever it takes to win,” can be lonely business. It’s understandable and right to set goals and try to achieve them, but not at the cost of emotional and spiritual connection. It’s important to balance your need for achievement with your basic humanity, remembering that we are not on this journey of life merely to finish with the most toys.

This week’s homework:

  • In what areas are you sacrificing human connection in favor of your ambitions? What moments are you missing to reach that deadline, get that promotion, beat that competition? Are you putting so much emphasis on winning that you forget your purpose in life is to live it?
  • Think of your fiercest rivals – those people who really push your buttons. Is it the person who got the promotion you coveted? The artist who simply always creates better projects than you do? The runner you can never beat in the race? What is it about them that gets you crazy? What do they have that you think you lack? Do you really lack that quality? And if you do, who is your frustration really directed towards?
  • Take a moment to count your victories, big and small. Do not discount even the smallest victory.

This theme seems to be a recurring one. Pursuit of ambitions is not inherently bad. But when it comes at the sacrifice of your happiness, you may want to dig a little deeper into what you truly are seeking.

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