Tarot for Growth Challenge: Week Three

Tarot for Growth Challenge (#TarotForGrowthJune) is an Instagram challenge hosted by @bujowitchcraft. For each day in the month of June, 2019, I will pull a card for a specific question in the challenge. After a brief interpretation, I will offer an action tip. If you’d like to play along with the home version, search #TarotForGrowthJune, and don’t forget to tag us at #TwoLadiesTarot so we can see your progress!

Day: 15

The Enchanted Tarot - The Star

Question: What is my relationship with sexuality?

Card: The Star

Interpretation: It is time to reclaim your sexuality from Western culture’s veil of shame. It is through our bodies and our sexuality that our souls enter this physical incarnation, and sex remains one of the most intimate and powerful expressions of our connection to the larger universe. Embrace the glorious connection between spirituality and carnality, because you are both spirit and flesh.

Action: Have powerful, spiritual, mind-blowing sex. With a partner is an added bonus, but completely optional.

Day: 16


Question: How can I become more accepting of the parts of myself I stay away from?

Card: Six of Wands

Interpretation: Why are you still hiding your light under a bushel? If the Powers that Be have convinced you that you will only deserve love, respect, safety, or peace by making yourself small, get rid of that bad info right now! You have the right (and the obligation) to be the best you possible, and that means letting your light shine. Be the person. Do the thing. Shine!

Action: What project have you given up in order to “keep the peace?” What joys have you forsaken, activities that make you feel alive and vibrant, because you’re afraid others might feel jealous or be intimidated? Do not let the insecurities of other people determine how you live your truth. Again, be the person, do the thing, and shine.

Day: 17


Question: How can I align more with the wildness within me?

Card: Princess of Wands

Interpretation: There is a well-spring of curiosity with us all, just waiting to be tapped. Moving past the conventional with an eager and open mind can be the conduit through which all wildness flows.

Action: Today, actively seek out something you don’t know, but piques your curiosity. Listen to music in a language you don’t understand. Try a game you’ve never played. Speak with a stranger in line for coffee. Step outside of your comfort zone, but do so with a desire to learn something new. Ask questions. Listen to the answers. Enjoy the wild, chaotic, beautiful energy that permeates this world.

Day: 18


Question: What aspects of my life could benefit from centering myself more often?

Card: The High Priestess

Interpretation: Oh, how we get lost in our mazes and puzzles and illusions and fantasies! The High Priestess is calling you home, to that place of intuition and calm deep inside. Grounding, centering, breathing slowly in and out – all these things will help that deep wisdom flourish and grow within you. And in that space of quiet and calm, you will be able to access that wise woman inside of you.

Action: Disconnect today. Turn off social media, don’t watch the news, avoid unnecessary conversations and interactions. If possible, go out into nature to a quiet, safe place where you can sit and just be for a while. If your thoughts are racing with all the shoulds and need tos, breathe deeply, promise them you’ll come back to them in a little while (like a small child), and let yourself enjoy the peace within your mind.

Day: 19


Question: What injustice am I being invited to take action against?

Card: Five of Hearts

Interpretation: The world has become a truly disappointing and cynical place. The Five of Hearts is calling you to reach out and shine a bright light for those who are lost, forgotten, or have simply given up. There is no reason anyone should be without hope today, as we are all souls connected to an energy far greater than any government, any hate group, any bully can ever aspire to becoming.

Action: Find an opportunity to spread messages of hope today. On social media, at work, with your family, make a point of reminding people the good there is in the world. Do not get sucked into negative thoughts or conversations. Be the light today.

Day: 20


Question: What toxic beliefs would I benefit from releasing?

Card: Two of Swords

Interpretation: Once we break free from the idea that there is absolute right and wrong, good and evil, etc., we can begin to truly evolve as people and as a civilization. When we believe in these things, we attach to them, obsess with them, and close ourselves off to any understanding and wisdom to be gained from listening to “the other side.” Moving from “black and white” to “all points on the rainbow” can open us up to insights, wisdom, and joys we never dreamed possible.

Action: Find your “rights” and “wrongs,” those passionate, unwavering opinions you hold so dear, and write them down. Then, write down as many alternates to those opinions as you can, trying to hold space for them all. Try to understand the person who believes those “wrong” things you so vehemently deny, and see the passion with which they hold their opinions. Is there a middle ground? There usually is.

Day: 21


Question: How can I bring more laughter into my life?

Card: Queen of Pentacles

Interpretation: Take some of that energy you’re always pouring into other people and give it to yourself. Nurture yourself, mother yourself, and generally treat yourself as well as everyone else! It’s amazing how sweet life becomes when we start are relaxed and comforted.

Action: Take care of yourself physically. If you’ve been running yourself ragged, carve out an extra few hours of sleep every week. Indulge in your favorite sensual pleasures, whether it’s a bubble bath at four in the afternoon or a good meal out with friends. If your body is weighed down with stress, the laughter will never find its way out.

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Images courtesy The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

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