Weekly Reading: 06/10/2019


If your single-minded pursuit of your goals is putting excess strain on you or your relationships, you may want to take a step back and re-establish your priorities. While financial success is a worthy goal, it does not take the place of healthy relationships, self-esteem, and self-control.

This week’s homework:

  • Are you ignoring personal relationships to focus on your materials goals? If you were to rank them, where would the people in your life fall compared to the goal you are pursuing? Where would your own self-care fall in comparison?
  • Brainstorm ways to align your personal ambitious with your relationship needs. Perhaps you need to redefine success, re-examine your understanding of abundance. In what ways are you already succeeding, and how can you honor those successes to ensure a fuller and happier life?

There is nothing inherantly non-spiritual in being ambitious. We were put on this Earth with goals, both spiritual and material. But if your pursuit of your goals comes at the cost of your rich, happy, and connected life, perhaps there’s a better way to be found.

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