Tarot for Growth Challenge: Week Two

Tarot for Growth Challenge (#TarotForGrowthJune) is an Instagram challenge hosted by @bujowitchcraft. For each day in the month of June, 2019, I will pull a card for a specific question in the challenge. After a brief interpretation, I will offer an action tip. If you’d like to play along with the home version, search #TarotForGrowthJune, and don’t forget to tag us at #TwoLadiesTarot so we can see your progress!

 Day: 8

The Enchanted Tarot - King of Swords

Question: Where am I nearing a crossroads in my life?

Card: King of Swords

Interpretation: You are reaching a point where you can no longer afford to lie to yourself or use your intellect for manipulation. You must decide whether or not you will assume your own sense of authority, or relinquish that power to others. At some point, you’re going to need to claim responsibility for yourself and your actions.

Action: Where are you avoiding responsibility? Find at least one specific area and take a concrete action towards assuming authority. Call the creditor and set up payment plans. Talk to the professor and work out a plan for improving your grade. Sit down with your manager and set a plan of action to improve your career. Whatever it takes, just do something about it.


Day: 9


Question: What in my life am I not seeing clearly?

Card: The Hanged Man

Interpretation: At this time, your thoughts have become so calcified that a thorough overhaul is becoming necessary. It’s easy to get caught up in the tribalism sweeping our culture today, but that sort of one-sided thinking is not only outdated, but dangerous. You need a new perspective.

Action: As much as it galls you, invite someone you disagree with to meet with you. Have a coffee with that neck-beard cousin of yours, or invite your mom who is the political opposite of you to have lunch. With a completely open mind, just listen to them. Let them rant and try to hear what is behind their words. Put yourself in their shoes and try to see life through their POV. The goal is not to change them, or to agree with them. The goal is to listen and expand your own horizons. You may gain some insight you were missing before.


Day: 10

The Enchanted Tarot - The Empress

Question: What unconscious rhythms have settled into my life?

Card: The Empress

Interpretation: Your focus has been moving steadily towards nurturance, abundance, nature, and beauty. Having passed through a period of mourning, you are now reawakening to the miraculous beauty that surrounds you and your place in the sacred chaos of it all. No matter how you try to steer back to the day-to-day grind of things, this deep part of you cannot and will not be denied.

Action: Give yourself a gift – a day, an hour, of uninterrupted time. During that period, surround yourself with beauty—nature, art, music, laughter. Seek that silent part within you that understands the glorious nature of life and connects with the complex beauty of all things dark and light. Honor that part of you, for she is important.


Day: 11


Question: How can I better cope with ambiguity?

Card: The Moon

Interpretation: They say the hardest part of it (whatever “it” may be) is the not-knowing. As humans, we strive for balance, for continuity, for predictability and patterns in an obviously chaotic universe. The deepest truths of science, when broken down to the most basic level, make no sense at all to the majority of us. Even Einstein couldn’t wrap his head completely around it. The Moon asks you to find a grace in that ambiguity, to understand that most patterns and “realities” are mere illusions created by our minds to help facilitate life. Embrace the unknowable-ness and understand that it is in that soup of madness at the deep core of reality from which all life is created.

Action: Watch a film or listen to an album in a language you do not understand. Turn off the subtitles. Just watch without trying to figure things out. Let the part of you that doesn’t need words and labels and patterns to experience the art at a level your conscious brain cannot reach.


Day: 12


Question: What in my life is ending to make way for something new?

Card: Prince of Swords.

Interpretation: You are ready for a breakthrough. Following your path may have seemed like slogging through swamps, but your ambition, drive, and quick-thinking have brought you to a place where you should see quick progress after a long period of effort. Pay attention to career, education, and physical pursuits

Action: Review your long-term plan to see if there are any steps that can be consolidated or rearranged to be more efficient. Now is a time for bold action, not overthinking. Do not be rash or compulsive, but let your natural wisdom guide your hands and feet towards your final destiny.

Day: 13

The Enchanted Tarot - The Chariot

Question: How can I foster more creativity in my life?

Card: The Chariot

Interpretation: There’s an old saying, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” So often, we avoid things we want to do because we’re afraid of looking silly or putting an effort into a pursuit we cannot possibility accomplish. To foster more creativity, set forth on your pursuits with a winner’s attitude. The victory in creativity is not in the final outcome, but in the act of creation itself. Give yourself permission to enjoy the act, without focusing on the end result.

Action: Pal, it’s time. Write the novel. Sing the song. Do the fanvid or infographic, bake the pastries, get out on that dance floor and dance like no one is looking. Because no one is looking. Ignore the haters and critics, especially the ones in your own head, and know that the mere act of creativity is a victory in itself.

Day: 14


Question: How can I better hear and heed my inner wisdom?

Card: The Sun

Interpretation: Give yourself permission to accept and know your own wisdom. By knowing your own worth and valuing the experiences that have shaped you, you can let go of the need for outside validation.

Action: Shine a light on your own perceptive wisdom. Make a list of times when you followed your own intuition, rather than the “wisdom” of others, and it worked out to your benefit. What fears did you have at the time? What risks were you taking? What prompted you to follow your own counsel instead of the validation of others? Did your success feel any different?

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Images courtesy The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

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