Weekly Reading: 06/03/2019

Sometimes, it’s harder to deal with success than it is to deal with failure. When you look at the good things coming your way, and a part of you hears things like, “It’s a fluke,” or “It can’t last,” the spectre of imposter syndrome could be lurking in the corners of your mind.

It’s hard to feel safe in your good fortune when a part of you still lingers on past mistakes, unresolved problems, or things you cannot or will not forgive (either of yourself or others.)

This week’s homework:

  • Make a list of past mistakes or bad choices that are still rattling around in your mind. Forgive yourself for these things and write down five lessons you’ve learned from the experience. Do this for each item on the list.
  • Make a list of issues you’re still holding onto that make you angry, resentful, or mistrustful. It could be as small as an unkind word a relative made about your weight when you were ten that still rings in your ears when you step on the scale in the morning. Give yourself the greatest gift you can, and forgive the people who hurt you.

Remember, we are the sum of all our experiences, good and bad. It takes all of it–the painful as well as the joyful–to create the complex individuals we are, individuals who can experience life to the fullest.

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