Tarot for Growth Challenge: Week One

Tarot for Growth Challenge (#TarotForGrowthJune) is an Instagram challenge hosted by @bujowitchcraft. For each day in the month of June, 2019, I will pull a card for a specific question in the challenge. After a brief interpretation, I will offer an action tip. If you’d like to play along with the home version, search #TarotForGrowthJune, and don’t forget to tag us at #TwoLadiesTarot so we can see your progress!


Day: 1

The Enchanted Tarot - Two of Wands

Question: How can I bring more pleasure into my life?

Card: Two of Wands

Interpretation: It’s not enough to expect life to be wonderful. Sometimes, ironically, you have to plan for joy. When you’re dealing with stress, drama, obligations, and other burdens of modern life, it’s easy to let the simple joys slip away in favor of More Important Things™. Taking time—heck, scheduling time for things that bring you pleasure can make all the difference in the world.

Action: Schedule fifteen minutes a day for something you enjoy doing, even if it means saying no to a non-emergency obligation or request. If necessary, adjust your budget to include funds for classes, films, or other activities you might otherwise skip because they are too “frivolous.” Give yourself permission to have fun.


Day: 2


Question: How can I better channel anger into a force of positive change?

Card: Prince of Pentagrams

Interpretation: When anger starts to eat at you, convert it to fuel. Nothing transforms anger like conscious effort focused on positive change. Instead of ruminating on your rage, transform it into something real and tangible—a blog post, art, activism, volunteering, even housework if that rocks your world. Stop just feeling and thinking about the anger and start doing something about it.

Action: In one column, write a list of three-five pain points that are causing you anger. In a second column, write a list of corresponding actions you can take that will have a direct, positive impact on the situation causing the anger. In a third column, put a deadline date. By that date, complete all the actions on your list.


Day: 3

The Enchanted Tarot - Eight of Swords

Question: What areas in my life could benefit from change?

Card: Eight of Swords

Interpretation: Everything fares better when experienced through a lens of positivity. It’s crucial to not only become aware of negative thoughts that bring you down, but to take an active role in replacing them with positive thoughts. Negativity is a habit that grows invisible with practice. Shine a light on it, root out the poison, and create a more positive experience.

Action: Keep a thought journal for a day or two. Write down in a pad or on your phone every time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts or putting yourself down. Replace each thought immediately with a positive alternative. Do this long enough to form a habit of identifying, removing, and replacing negative thoughts with positive alternatives.


Day: 4


Question: How can I attract more abundance into my life?

Card: Ace of Swords

Interpretation: It’s not enough to simply wish for abundance. You have to look at your life, look at your dreams, and create your goals with a clarity that gives the universe no choice but to pay attention. When you can see, hear, feel, touch, smell, and taste your desires, the universe knows you’re serious. Don’t muddle about with ambiguities—get really clear on what you want.

Action: Start a goals list. List your top goals in specific details (ex. “Earn $100K Net income in 2019.”) Rewrite this list in that notebook every single day. When you manifest your goal (I’ve already manifested THREE of my major goals since starting this in March!), remove the item from your list and replace it with something else.


Day: 5


Question: Where am I being invited to bring more playfulness into my life?

Card: Queen of Swords

Interpretation: We all struggle so much to create boundaries, clear our thinking, and make adult decisions in life. Sometimes, however, we can take ourselves and our lives too seriously. Look for the areas in your life that you simply can’t laugh about—these are the areas that need healing. When you can laugh, you can grow.

Action: Find an area of concern in your life where you simply can’t laugh – financial, relationship, whatever. Find the voice of worry that whispers to you in your head, the one that says all is lost, you don’t matter, you are not worthy. Now, in your mind, give that voice a cartoon voice. Repeat all the negative thoughts in a high, squeaky voice, or a loooooong, slow drawl. Make the voice as silly as possible as you repeat these dreaded “truths” in your mind. Say them out loud with an overblown fake accent. This will reduce their power over you and make you laugh at your own fears in the process. (Thanks to Michael Neill for this tool.)


Day: 6


Question: What is my current relationship with food?

Card: Wheel of Fortune

Interpretation: The metaphor “feast or famine” is particularly applicable here. You go through cycles of healthy, positive eating habits contrasted to unhealthy eating. Tying your eating habits to the ebb and flow of emotional cycles can cause long-term health issues. The wheel of fortune is constantly spinning; don’t tie your health to that ride.

Action: Take some time at the beginning of the week to consider your eating needs. Do you have meals planned that are easy to fix, portable (if you brown-bag it at lunch), and healthy? Do you have healthy snacks readily available? A little planning ahead of time can give you an edge when it comes to stress-eating and settling for fast food when you simply don’t have the energy to plan a meal!

Day: 7

The Enchanted Tarot - Two of Hearts

Question: How can I better deal with crisis?

Card: Two of Hearts

Interpretation: When stress is high, it’s tempting to feel isolated. Our fight or flight impulse emphasizes the need to survive at all costs, even when neither fighting or fleeing is the correct choice. If the situation around you is getting tense, even if all hell has broken loose, you’re better off seeking allies and friends to stand at your side. You don’t have to do this alone, nor should you try.

Action: Reflect on your circle of friends? Who are your “go-to” people? For financial advice? For emotional support? For health questions? If you had a flat on the side of the road, who is the first person you’d think to call (after AAA, that is?) These are your crew. These are your support network. Now, who are you to them? If they needed $20 to tide them over to payday, would they feel comfortable calling you? If they were depressed and just needed to talk, would you have time for them? Partnership doesn’t have to be romantic, and one person doesn’t have to be all things to another person. Find your tribe. Be a part of that tribe. Make connections.

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Images courtesy The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

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