Weekly Reading: 05/27/2019

If you’re running in circles, making decisions on the fly, feeling like you have to keep moving or things will solidify into a giant heap of yuck, maybe it’s time to just slow down.

Busywork in itself is the epitome of aimlessness. When you’re feeling uninspired or just plain burned out, you may find yourself trying to avoid facing reality. You keep yourself so busy in hopes that you won’t notice you actually have nothing of importance to do!

The truth of the matter is that no-one is creative and product 100% of the time. The brain needs dormant times in order for the vision to germinate. Instead of trying to manipulate yourself into a false sense of productivity, why not use this time to relax and let the deep work happen without your urgence or interference?

This week’s homework:

  • Meditate. You needn’t find a mountain top to sit on with a guru–you can just participate in an activity you love that demands all of your attention. Work on that old car in the garage, master basic origami, learn to make a roux (then invite me over for gumbo!), anything to take your mind off what you should be doing. Give your ambitions a rest, and they will bounce back with gleeful abandon when you return to the game.
  • Take a shot at free-writing. Set your intention to whatever seems to be evading you on a conscious level, crank the old egg timer to whatever time you’re willing to commit (10-15 minutes is good), put pen to paper (you can do it on a word processor, but hand-to-pen seems to work better for some people), and let go. Just write. Don’t think. Don’t edit. NaNo that sucker until you get past the surface flotsam down to the meat of your subconscious thoughts. You’ll be amazed at what comes out.

Remember, there’s no shame in slowing down. There’s no shame even in stopping out right, as long as you know that you’re gonna start up again as soon as you’re ready.

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