Weekly Reading: 05/20/2019

The goblins are playing with your head this week, trying to distract you from realizing how extraordinarily well you’re doing. They will nit pick, blow failure out of proportion, minimize successes, anything to keep you from seeing your own self-worth.

Our brain evolved a default negative attitude for a good reason–fearing and preparing for the worst kept our ancestors from becoming food for their very real predators. Being constantly on guard, carefully weighing each decision before taking action, always ready to run if needed–these are things that kept Great-great-to-the-hundredth-power Granddaddy alive long enough to keep the genetic line going.

These days, however, we are so adept at fear and caution that is can actually harm us. Being hyper-aware, overly cautious, and self-critical can blind us to the good we’re actually doing. In our efforts to remain safe, we actually can create the problems we are trying to avoid. Better to approach with love than fear.

This week’s homework:

  • Take inventory of your decisions this week. What do you do because it makes you feel alive, and what do you do because you are afraid? Can you see the difference in the results of actions taken from love and actions taken from fear? Can you feel the difference in yourself when you act from love rather than fear?
  • Take a risk. Do something small you’ve been afraid to do, and do it from love. It could be as simple as getting a nice haircut after rocking the pony-tail all winter, just because it makes you feel great. Or it could be as profound as writing (and sending) a hand-written note to a long-time friend, expressing how much they mean to you. Whatever you do, don’t expect a response or benefit from the act. Just do it because it feels right. Stop avoiding for fear of rejection. Do the thing.

It’s right and good that we protect ourselves and our loved ones. But when the gates that keep out the dangers also become a prison, it’s time to get brave, my lovelies.

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