Weekly Reading: 05/13/2019

Oh, my! Has the Devil got your thoughts in a snit this week? When you look at life through the primary lens of material and social status, it’s easy to get caught up in superficial worries.

This week, when you look at your bank account or your possessions or the bills stacked up on the desk, remember that these things are not you, nor do they define your worth in any true or substantial way. Material possessions are important – we live in a material world. Social status is important – we live in a social world.

But neither of these things are what make you unique, special, and important in this world. The core of you, that you-ness no one else an add to the mix? That’s the good stuff. Remember that this week, when the Devil is whispering in your ear. Show yourself all the love and compassion you can. You really do rock.

This week’s homework:

  • Make a list of everything of value that you bring to the table. The trick is, the value cannot be monetary. Examples would be kindness, compassion, problem-solving ability, sense of humor.
  • Do something for yourself this week to remind yourself that you matter. It could be anything taking a long hot bath on a Saturday afternoon to signing up for that class you’ve wanted to take for so long. Don’t spend a lot of money (don’t spend any money, if at all possible) on this treat. Remind yourself that true joy is a state of mind.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve or where you are on your journey, take a moment to remember that the goal was never the point. You are here for the journey, so let yourself savor the experience.

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