Weekly Reading: 05/06/2019

As obstacles begin to clear in one area, don’t be surprised if you begin to meet resistance elsewhere. Through the force of your own thoughts, dreams, and positive actions, you’ve managed to achieve an “easy” victory others may view as luck. Don’t let their skepticism throw you.

We all follow a path in life. Some of us skip along it unconsciously, while others grab a map, highlight a route, and move in a steadfast and systematic manner. Eventually, we all get where we’re going.

Throughout the week, when the skeptics and doubters try to get you down, why do one of the following:

  • Write down a list of every victory, great or small, over the past month. How many of those were “luck,” and how many were the results of your actions and intention?
  • Reach out to someone who has helped you in the past. Thank them and, if the opportunity appears, pay it forward.
  • Think about someone who is currently blocking your success, either actively or subconsciously through skepticism, jealousy, or other means. Are there traits you share in common with this person? How is their opposition reflecting those forces within you that are resisting change and growth? Can you convert them to an ally?

It’s a thin line between boldly moving forward and barreling through life like a bulldozer. Sometimes obstacles appear for a reason – to teach us, to slow us down in order for others to catch up, to help build our strength for future challenges. Sometimes, they appear to block our highlighted path completely, because something amazing is waiting just a few yards away where we weren’t even looking.

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