Weekly Reading: 04/29/2019

At this point in the game, you know intellectually that you cannot control things all the time.  So why are you still struggling to control things you can’t control? Why are you still fighting that small still voice inside of you?

It’s hard to let go of that need to dominate every situation, especially when you’ve convinced yourself that your survival depends on being assertive, even forceful, in your dealings with others.  It’s hard not to doubt that intangible intelligence within that seems to defy logic at times.

Throughout the week, why not ask yourself the following questions to help get you past the rough spots:

  • Where can I safely relinquish control in my life?
  • Where am I not feeling heard?
  • Where am I feeling powerless?
  • Where am I mistaking control for progress?
  • Is what I’m trying to do really necessary?
  • Am I just trying to feel relevant?
  • What would happen if I just let go?
  • What would happen if I just kept quiet?
  • Would I rather be right, or happy?

As we go through this journey together, there are times when we stir the pot, and times where we have to sit back and let things simmer. This week, let it simmer without interference. You can do it. You’ll be fine.

P.S. Today is Kat’s birthday, so please send her some love on social media!

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