Weekly Reading: 04/22/2019

In every journey, there will be a point where doubt begins to creep in. You’ve been doing so well. Still, money fears, personal demons, overthinking, and self-indulgence may be creeping at your heels, hoping to pull you backwards from your forward momentum.

It’s important to remember that no path is truly clear, and all progress comes in fits and starts. When you encounter obstacles, instead of seeing them as a sign that you’re on the wrong path, why not view them as tests?

Throughout the week, ask yourself the following questions as doubts occur:

  • Is this a recurring pattern with me? If so, how am I handling it differently than I did previously?
  • Are these doubts and fears masking the key to a breakthrough?
  • What happens if I choose not to run from these fears, but face them boldly?
  • What happens if I choose not to let myself be distracted?
  • How do I benefit from letting myself be derailed?
  • How would I benefit from exploring the reasons behind the distractions?
  • What am I trying to avoid doing, thinking, feeling, or learning through these detours?

When the path throws you a detour, it is an opportunity to learn. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t give up on your dreams. Dig deeper. Find the reasons. Face the fears. Do the work the detour demands, then get right back on the path.

You got this.

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