Intuition Reboot for Tarot Readers


As we work towards expanding and improving our reading skills, there’s one phrase that rears its head over and over again–use your intuition.

Wanna relax and allow the interpretations to flow without overanalyzing? Use your intuition.

Wanna open yourself to insights and understanding beyond the scope of your own limited experience? Use your intuition!

That’s all well and good, but has anybody seen the Intuition Handbook lying around? Because most of us have not only never been taught how to access our intuition, but have actively been discourage from doing so. It takes work to undo decades of indoctrination and release our natural wisdom, but it’s worth the effort. Here are a few ways you can create a personal environment where intuition feels safe to come out and play.


I cannot stress enough the importance of regular meditation. We live in a world designed to bombard us, whether by natural occurrence or through cultural design, with sensory input. Most of us are barely aware of how much we consume, consciously and unconsciously, from outside sources. Meditation allows you to slow down, quiet your mind, and allow your inner voice to be heard. Michael Neill compares it to a single flute in a chorus of trumpets. Meditation helps lower the volume on the trumpets all around you so that you can dance to the flute.

The good news is that there’s no one correct form of meditation. There are silent meditations, religious meditations, even glorious physical meditations. Whether you’re in a lotus position or lost in a wild dance that goes straight to your soul, what matters is that you quiet the world and allow your inner voice the space to connect with you once more.

Observe and document.

Miracles are happening around you every second of every day. Literally. The specific design of our bodies, i.e., our lizard brain, is focused on one thing—survival. In other words, eating, sleeping, physical safety, and reproduction. Because of this, we are not naturally inclined to notice things that don’t affect these areas of our lives.

It takes effort to notice the natural miracles of life. You can strengthen your intuitive muscles by intentionally seeking out those miracles disguised as coincidence. When you mention that you miss your dad, and his favorite song plays on the radio five minutes later. When you are worried about something, and everywhere you look, you see signs saying “Relax” or “Success” or “You’ve got this!” For a day or two, jot down these coincidences in a small notebook. You’ll begin to see a pattern, a connection that seems to defy logic. Before long, your brain will seek out these miracles, and your world will expand exponentially before your eyes.


Once again, we are trained from birth to consume, consume, consume. And when we do create, it is usually in the context of school, work, or family. One of the best ways to connect with something beyond yourself is to create for the sheer joy of creating.

Whether it’s a concerto or a cake, there is a spiritual and emotional ecstasy involved in seeing your hands performing the alchemy that turns raw ingredients into finished products. When we regulated the gift of joyful creation into the hands of so-called professionals, we lost a significant part of what it truly means to be human.

You don’t have to be the best baker, or singer, or auto mechanic. Your cake, song or Mustang don’t have to be blue-ribbon winners. All your creation has to be is yours. Creating, joyfully and regularly, will free you from fear, push you to explore, and reconnect you with that intuitive self that trusts in its own authority.

Relax and Play.

We are so serious as a culture. Even our children are serious. We fill our days with schedules, to-do-lists, obligations—heck, when we even schedule our pleasure! In so doing, we drown out that instinct in us that just knows how to live.

When you reconnect with that unself-conscious child deep down, you release a world of possibilities. The more you allow yourself the space and permission to just have fun with life, the more your natural wisdom will come out to play. So, please, just stop adulting for a while and blow bubbles off the porch!

Get physical.

For a society that treasures our indulgences, how many of us truly experience our bodies on a regular basis? Can you remember the taste of your breakfast? Are the shoes you’re wearing comfy and snug, or just bits of leather attached to your feet? We are so geared towards acquisition over experience that most of us go through our life in a blur, working on autopilot from waking to sleeping, and trying to live our entire lives through the download of REM sleep.

When you slow down your pace and let yourself experience life, you open a door into aspects of the world you may have never known existed. To let yourself fully taste your food, feel your clothes, hear the song, smell the leaves—this is a gift that ties into the entire point of incarnating here on Earth.

Try this for the next few days—take five minutes and just concentrate on your body. Of course, you’ll start with the aches and pains, but get past that. Focus on your five senses to really connect with the miraculous body your soul chose to be born into. See how that changes how you experience the world around you.

Shake it up.

I truly believe that autopilot is the number one killer of intuition in human beings. We have this phenomenal brain that allows us to multitask, to process enormous quantities of information, and to interact with the world around us. Sometimes, though, our brains are so efficient that they just take over and set us on a treadmill. We are designed to detect patterns, and our brains want to find secure, familiar ruts to wander through in endless circles.

We can reclaim our minds from the drone brain by forcing it out of its own ruts. Sometimes your life requires a major shake-up, but you can see amazing results with a series of small changes. I’ve added a small walk to my morning break at work. Not for any exercise benefit, because it’s just a five-minute stroll around our office building, but to force my mind to notice different things. Birdsong, the sound of wind through the bushes and trees, traffic noise, the light playing on the mountains in the distance. After two or three hours in front of a computer, my brain welcomes something different, and like a bored child given something new to focus on, it springs to life with renewed vigor.

Varying your routine energizes a sluggish mind. By changing the game, the brain is forced to pay attention, question, problem-solve, and seek solutions. What a wonderful way to invite intuition back into your life—by challenging it!

Get over yourself.

This may be the hardest thing of all for most people. Eventually, you just need to get over your need to know, control and, most of all, fix things. Intuition thrives in places of uncertainty, and most of us would rather be miserable than uncertain. We look all around us for validation—to church, friends, family, government, experts and gurus. We literally will take the advice of a fortune cookie over the wisdom of our own soul.

At some point, though, you have to become comfortable with ambiguity. The world is in constant flux—at a sub-atomic level, all things are in perpetual motion, at all times. Our need to fix things, to solidify the world, runs counter to the very nature of existence. And yet we spend so much time doing exactly that—trying to change the nature of reality!

When you let go, relax into the chaos, even for a tiny moment, you see that the world is not a thing but a dance, with unfathomable and infinite moving parts that are beyond our wildest imagination. You can’t wrap your brain around it, but you can swim in it. You can open your arms and float through it. And when you stop treading water frantically and begin to surf, you’ll discover how absolutely, unbelievably, ridiculously fun being alive can be! Intuition thrives in that sort of environment.

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Peace and Love,


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