Weekly Reading: 04/13/2019

As you move towards the life you’re creating, there will be times when fear raises its head to interfere with your progress. Old thoughts and doubts may resurface, as well as a tendency to cling so hard to what you’ve already got that you push away the things the Universe is trying to send your way.

Growth is not for the weak of heart, nor is it for the weak of spirit. It takes courage to leave behind the things of the path as you move towards a better, yet uncertain future. Honor your fears, but do not let them control you.

Throughout the week, ask yourself the following questions as negative thoughts occur:

  • How does this negative thought serve me?
  • How do I benefit from hanging on to this old thought or pattern?
  • What do I risk by releasing this old thought or pattern?
  • What does holding on to this keep me from doing or experiencing?
  • Why am I avoiding doing or experiencing this thing?

Remember, as you grow and change, your perspective must grow and change with you. Those tools and attitudes that served you once may be hindering you now. Dig deep and let go of limiting thoughts, beliefs, activities, and even people that no longer serve your highest interest. Bless them for what they gave you, but know that it’s time to move on.

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