Weekly Reading: 04/08/2019

You’ve had some success, but if you want to break through to the next level, you’re going to have to dig deeper. You need to let go of the limiting beliefs, fears, and resentments that are holding you in a repeat pattern. It may not be fun, and it may not be pretty, but only by facing and releasing these old chains will you open the path to new growth and discovery.

Throughout the week, take some time to journal the following:

  • Write down limiting thoughts as they come to you (example, “I’ll never make it.” or “I’m not smart enough.”)
  • Write down things, people, and situations that make you angry
  • Write down things, people, and situations that frighten you
  • Make note of times you feel anxious or hopeless or sad

At the end of each day, review the list. Look for patterns, similarities, differences. Look for false or outdated beliefs that are still affecting your ability to move on. Look for resentments or past hurts that you simply won’t let go of. Really consider things that you’ve brushed off before–how they affect your mood, your spirit, and your attitude.

Can you release these things? Do you dare? Who will you be once you’re not longer holding on? Let us know what happens, okay?

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