Weekly Reading: 04/01/2019


Finally! All the internal work you have been doing seems to be bearing fruit. You’ve gained strength through the past few weeks of hard work, and now is the time to enjoy the fruits of that labor.

Make sure to use this positive time to recharge your energy through positive thoughts, deeds, and interactions. These are the good times that help you through the inevitable lows that follow as you cycle through the wheel of life.

Throughout the week, give yourself the following pep talks:

  • I am the creator of my own fortune
  • I have the right to enjoy my successes
  • It’s great to have a time to recharge for the next challenge
  • I deserve my success
  • As I grow and learn, I can handle any challenge that comes my way

While it may seem rare, the sweet times come more often than we realize. Take a moment and examine your current situation through the eyes of gratitude. You will be amazed at how wonderful things truly can be.

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