Monthly Recap: March 2019


You know when you think you have things all together, and it turns out…uh maybe not? March 2019 has been that month, right down to the creation and publication of this post.


We’re all trying to move ahead, right? But there are times when we just seem to be dragging the weight of the world behind us. The Reflection card invites you to stop, take a breather, and examine the limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back from achieving your best life.

Now, I know when you think “reflection,” you might be conjuring up images of sitting in a lotus position atop a mountain as you ohm your way through the inner resources of your mind. But reflection does not have to be (and really shouldn’t be) a passive thing. The kind of reflection I’m talking about is more like cleaning out your garage than seeking the alpha state.

March, the month of Pisces, is a great time for introspection. March 2019 was even more appropriate, as almost the entire month fell within the scope of Mercury Retrograde, that astrological bad boy that sends so many of us into a tizzy. While it does has a reputation for screwing up electronics and (ah-hem) eating first drafts of blog posts, Mercury Retrograde is also a great time for introspection, reflection, and clearing up blocks. (It’s not a good time for forgetting to save your posts periodically…)

It Started with a Book

Kat and I feel it’s our calling to help others empower themselves to live their best lives possible, and there’s no better way to do that than by example. So we’ve spent the entire month of March digging through the junk heap of limiting beliefs, energetic blocks, and outright mistaken ideas that have been slowing our individual and collaborative progress.

When Kat purchased the book Get Rich, Lucky B— by Denise Duffield-Thomas on Audible, we decided to listen to it together and work through the program.

Ah, what a rabbit hole we wandered down!

It turns out, once you start digging into your limiting beliefs, thoughts and fears, you find….what? You guessed it! A whole lot of other limiting beliefs, thoughts and fears. And the amazing thing is, once you start facing the goblins you’ve hidden in the back of the closet, you start to open space for new and wonderful things to come into your life.

It Ain’t Pretty, But It Works

As I work through the blocks I’ve carried with me for (in some cases) over 40 years, I’m reminded of all the clients I’ve told to “do the hard work.” I’m sure they are chuckling for reasons they do not understand that I’m having to follow my own advise.

There’s a reason we hide these blocks down so deep. They are painful. They are sometimes embarrassing. They are frightening, but disguise themselves as protectors. Facing and clearing these blocks requires work, patience, perseverance, and courage. But it’s so worth the effort. Already, I’m seeing new opportunities and feeling stronger for the blocks I’ve cleared.

Of course, not everybody does this work the same way. I use a combination of meditation, journaling, and EFT tapping. Kat uses other methods. You may find ways that work better for you. But the important thing is to do the work, face the fear, and move forward.

Types of Blocks

Everyone has different types of blocks, each as unique as you are. These blocks come from past experience, social pressures, traumatic events, even throwaway remarks from our childhood! These can burrow deep into your subconscious and affect you for years after you’ve forgotten the events that caused them. For instance:

  • Being called greedy when you wouldn’t share something you earned.
  • Hearing that nice people don’t complain
  • Finding out you’ve been betrayed by someone you trusted
  • Facing jealousy or indifference when you succeed
  • Seeing something you’ve earned given to someone less deserving for social or political reasons

These are just a few examples of the seemingly insignificant slings and arrows of life that can fester inside and cause you to hold yourself back from achieving your best life possible?

What sort of things do you keep at the back of your emotional closet? Are you ready to face them, set them free, and see what life has in store for you?

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Peace and Love,


Images are from The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

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