How to Pick a Tarot Reader

wyron-a-561710-unsplashSo, you’ve decided to get a professional tarot reading! Congratulations. Readings can be enlightening, educational, and above all, fun. The next step now is to find a reader who is a good fit for you personally. Your choice of a reader is important—the wrong reader will not connect with you and might provide a superficial or weak reading.

But how do you find that perfect reader? Here in Phoenix, you can’t go five miles without seeing a sign advertising psychic readers. Hop online, and that number increases. Or maybe you live in a small town where there are no local readers, and you want to find a reader online. How do you sort through the crowd to find the perfect reader for you?

Do your research

 Does the reader have a web page? A blog? Social media? You can learn a lot about your reader based on their online presence. You want to make sure you are comfortable with the person before doing a reading with them.

Ask for referrals

Chances are someone you know has gotten a reading from a local reader. What was their experience? Would they do it again? Often, you can get a reading at a spiritual bookstore. If not, they will probably know someone who they trust to do readings.

Ask questions

When you’re paying for a reading, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for details on how the reading will go. Are you paying by the question or by minutes on the clock? How much does it cost if you go over the time limit? What if your question is answered before the time is up?

Consider the logistics

Where does your reader give readings? Do they have a shop? Do they read at a coffee shop or bookstore? Can they do phone or Skype readings? Are they flexible with their hours and locations? What is their policy on rescheduling?

Consider your budget

The most expensive reading is not necessarily going to be the best reading, but a “cheap” reading may be just that–cheap. Check your local area for the average cost of readings to see where your reader ranks. By saving a few bucks, you may be wasting your money.

Trust your instincts

Do you get a good feeling from this reader? Are you comfortable talking to them? Are they transparent about their readings, pricing, and ethics? What looks good on paper may not be a good fit in person, so do your research, but trust your gut.

I hope this helps you get a better handle on how to find the right reader for you. If you would like to talk to Kat or me about getting a reading with Two Ladies Tarot, please check out our contact information.  As always, if you liked this post, please sign up for our weekly newsletter or follow us Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Please don’t forget to like and share this post. Comments are greatly appreciated.

Peace and Love,


Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash



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