Weekly Reading: 02/25/2019

There’s a difference between knowing something, and knowing when it’s time to use that knowledge. You may be frustrated this week with the desire to get things done, especially if you feel those around you are being unnecessarily slow or meticulous.

Even in situations where you know what you’re doing–especially in situations where you think you know what you’re doing–it can be of great benefit to slow the heck down and get back to basics. There’s a reason for the tried and true methods–they’re tried…and true.

This week, if you are straining against the leash to push something to go a little faster than it wants to go, your best bet is exercise restraint by allowing things to unfold in their own healthy time. When you’re tempted to push, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my desire to push based in actual urgency or impatience?
  • Have I allowed my enthusiasm to blind me to necessary steps that must be accomplished before moving forward?
  • Is my ego keeping me from hearing and accepting the wisdom of others?
  • What can be gained from simply allowing this situation to unfold without interference?
  • Am I asserting my power in a way that is healthy, or am I engaged in manipulation or ego boosting?
  • Do I allow others to shine, or do I need to be the authority?

We’ve been doing a lot of chilling in the past few weeks. It can be extremely frustrating, especially when you think you know best what must be done. Accept the fact that you may not have all the information you need yet. By remaining patient, you will save yourself a great deal of frustration in the future.

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