Weekly Reading: 02/18/2019

After last week’s tizzy of intellectual activity, this week’s slowdown may feel roughly the same as hitting a brick wall. Delays, false starts, and dead ends both frustrate and confuse you, since everything seemed to be going at such a great pace.

When progress seems to slow to a crawl, you must remember that the universe’s time frame is not your time frame. Things happen at their own pace, in their own time. Our puny human schedules are pretty meaningless next to the ebb and flow of the cosmos.

The trick to surviving times like this when progress seems invisible is to quiet those agitated thoughts, trust that the seeds you’ve planted will take root, and give your project the space it needs to grow in its own time.

And as you’re waiting for the universe to do its thing, you can take some of the following steps to keep yourself from going mad in the interim:

  • Review your long term goals. Are they still in alignment with your values, desires, and the realities of your current situation?
  • Streamline your process. When forward momentum has stalled, you often have an opportunity to reassess the way you’re doing things. Are there any unnecessary steps you can eliminate? Are you clinging to old goals that are no longer relevant? How can you do things more holistically to ensure that you’re ready to move when the time comes?
  • Revisit the idea of self-care. With any project comes stress. The harder we work on accomplishing our goals, the more likely we are to forget our own self-care. Use this down time to get that check-up you’ve been putting off, step up your exercise or meditation practices, or even just take a small staycation with loved ones to get your mind off things for a while. A little self-care goes a long way.

It’s easy to allow to the frustration of a stall to move you into unnecessary and often unproductive activity. Just as a seed needs time underground to develop and grow before it breaks the surface, your plans need time in stillness to germinate and develop. Pushing too hard when the situation calls for quiet and stillness will not help anything.

In other words, just chill and let the universe do it stuff for now. The time for action will come soon enough.

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