Weekly Reading: 02/04/2019


Guess what! This week, you get to be the Designated Grownup. You get to do the right thing, make the right choices, put on your Big Kid pants and Make Stuff Happen!

If that sounds like a living hell, cheer up. You’re not alone. So many of us have linked responsibility, sensible living, and practicality to drudgery and boredom that it’s no wonder companies make millions off of our Inner Brats. Why pay your stupid bills when you could spend that money going out and getting wasted with your friends? Why eat healthy when the grocery is full of processed Frankenfoods waiting to tantalize your taste buds?

Doing the right thing has gotten kind of a bad rap in our Bad Boy culture, and it’s really time to set the record straight. There is no reason at all that being responsible can’t be fun. In fact, as your mom probably told you a zillion times before you ever even clicked into this post, being responsible frees you to have more time to have fun!

So how can we incorporated a sense of joyful responsibility into our lives?

  • What thoughts and attitudes do we have about responsibility?
  • How and why do we resist doing the things we know are good for us?
  • What benefit does avoidance gain?
  • Are we taking on responsibilities that do not belong to us?
  • Are we waiting to be rescued?
  • Are there hidden resentments at play that we haven’t investigated?

We all have to play grown-up from time to time. Bills, health, family, job–these responsibilities accumulate as we meander through life. But these responsibilities do not have to rob us of the joy of living. What if we put the same enthusiasm towards our “have-tos” as we put towards our “wannas?” How differently would our lives look if we addressed our daily routine in the same spirit as we tackle our vacations and special events?

Life can be glorious. Life can be a blast. Even the boring, responsible parts. It’s all in the attitude.

What attitude are you bringing to the table this week?

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