Tarot 101: Summary

cropped-banner32.jpgYou have learned a lot over the last five lessons – the arcanas, the suits, the spreads, and how to move past the book and into your own unique intuition. My goal with this guide is to give you the tools you need to empower yourself as a reader, whether you read for others or just for your own personal guidance.

As you progress on your journey as a reader, you will discover as much about yourself—your biases, your fears, your passions—as you do about the cards. You will gain confidence not only in your ability to read the cards, but in your ability to know and trust your intuition in all areas. Tarot cards are so much more than an amusing parlor game. They are a powerful tool for triggering the imagination and can lead to deep understanding and wisdom if used mindfully.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you move forward.

The Cards

It’s important to remember that not all decks will resonate with you – it’s not just pretty pictures! Many people like to collect decks, which is awesome but can get expensive after a time. So if you’re buying a deck specifically for use in readings, pull a few sample cards at in the store. See how they feel, how comfortable you feel with the guide books. I have saved myself tons of cash on gorgeous decks just by pulling a card or two and saying, “nope.” If it’s not possible to preview a deck, you can always gift it to a friend and build up some karma points.

Contrary to popular belief, your cards are not magic. They don’t control fate, nor should they. Like any other tool, the tarot is only as effective as the person using them. And just like any good tool, the more you work with them, the better you work with them. So don’t wait for a special occasion to practice with your cards. Work with them. I keep my cards in a canvas bag in my purse and pull them out often. I’ve had the same deck for 25 years. I know every crack, tear, and faded picture. And just like a well-used hammer or musical instrument, they feel good in my hands. We’ve grown up together, and that bond pays off every time I do a reading.

The Book

When you start reading, the book is like a set of training wheels. Even after you’ve become familiar with the cards, you’ll probably still use the book. Heck—I used my book for years after I started reading. There is nothing wrong with using the book, especially when you are learning.

Eventually, however, you’re going to discover some things. Like, the first time your gut tells you one interpretation of a card, but the book says something else? Yeah, fun times. Or, as you get more into tarot, you may read another book that has a slightly different version than the Book O’Wubbies you started out with? Which is correct? Which one has the authority to interpret the cards?

There are ten thousand fifty gazillion million books on the tarot out there (trust me, I’ve counted). And every single one of them is going to contradict the rest. After a while, my slavish devotion to tarot interpretations, either in my guide book or online, started to make me nuts. In one book, this card indicates quiet reflection, whereas the other insists it’s all about withdrawal and isolation. Or this card is about change and growth, where as in this book the description says chaos and devastation! Argh!

At some point, like me, you’re either going to have to put down the book and accept your own gut instincts, or you will continue to suffer insecurity and confusion in your readings. Just remember this as you try to wrap your head around the latest tarot book: it’s all interpretation. The author may have written 20 books on the subject, but they are still writing their interpretation of the cards.

You as a reader have the right to your own interpretation. Once you know the basics of the cards, once you have learned to listen to that calm, sure voice within you, you can let go of the book and move forward. You will know the correct things to say, and the books will evolve from training wheels into beloved friends you visit for reference and a different point of view.

The Interaction

As you begin to read, especially for other people, you are going to discover something amazing about the tarot. The cards – those little pieces of brightly colored paper – have the power to form connections between people. Science has proven that people interact with each other on levels invisible to our five senses. Most of us plow through our lives completely unaware of these interactions, so lost in our own thoughts that we forget there is anything or anyone out there.

When the cards enter your life, you slow down. You stop living entire lives inside your skull and reach out to the cards and to the person you’re reading for. Through the power of imagery and metaphor, the cards help you reach within to a place beyond conscious thought, the place where all living beings are connected. Call it spirit, call it the Akashic realm, call it whatever you like. The cards help you get there. And once you do, you will never be quite the same again.

People turn to divination – cards, runes, horoscopes – because they are looking for meaning in this world. As a reader, you have the power to remind your client of the most important meaning of all – our human connection. I wish you great joy on this journey. I wish you miracles of connection you never dreamed possible. And I wish you the gift of curiosity, where all great journeys begin.

You are the Fool. Your foot is on the edge of the abyss.

Don’t be afraid. Just whistle a jaunty tune as you teach yourself how to fly.

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Peace and Love,


P.S. If you like the image on this post, please check out The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Warner.  To access the entire Tarot 101 series, click here.


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